There’s gold in your email database. Are you cashing in?

Creating a Lookalike Audience from your databaseOne costly marketing mistake I see small business owners making lately is treating their social media presence like it exists in a vacuum. You’ve put the time into growing your Facebook page, but now social media is an increasingly pay-to-play sandbox.

How can you efficiently turn your fans into engaged customers? How are you pulling them deeper into your sales funnel to, ultimately, bring them through your door? Well, relationships that begin socially should be nurtured in your customers’ inboxes.

Chances are a large percentage of your audience on Facebook doesn’t receive your email broadcasts — yet. That’s a mountain of a missed opportunity, considering how study after study concludes other marketing channels’ returns on investment pale in comparison to email marketing’s. (The Direct Marketing Association released a report in August 2013 that measured email marketing’s ROI at 4300 percent!)

The most efficient tactic for converting Facebook users into email subscribers is to put your existing database to work.

Most likely, your target customers are similar in age, income, habits, interests, desires, wants, needs, fears and frustrations to your current customers.

By creating a Lookalike Audience from your database, you can ask Facebook to scour its user base for more individuals similar to your ideal customer, increasing the gold in your email database, and then advertise to them too.

In those ads, appeal to your fans — or previously unknown-to-you users that Facebook has selected as prime prospects — with a persuasive call to action to join your email list. Then, follow through by delivering valuable deals and niche-specific content to their inboxes to deepen your relationship.

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