Building a list with Facebook Ads

At Moving Targets, we’re all about finding ways to make disparate marketing tactics work together to provide better value for the small-business owners we work with. If we can find ways to combine the strengths of one marketing tactic with the strengths of another, well then we got ourselves a winner.

Facebook ads offer businesses the ability to do just that. By combining the unique nature and effectiveness of Facebook’s advertising platform, you can reach more people while building a list of loyal customers and improving your email marketing program.

Enter the lead ad.

The Lead Generation Ad

Facebook’s biggest recent change to its advertising platform has the introduction of the Lead Generation ad. Released in early October 2015, lead ads make collecting email addresses easier than ever before, for both the marketer and the user.

Facebook got it right when they said,

You know what no one’s ever said? “I love filling out forms.”

It works like this: When a user clicks on a lead ad’s Sign Up button, Facebook will auto populate the form with their full name and email address, they submit the form and you get their contact info.

Look how easy that was. 

Building a list with Facebook ads


So how can this help you?

Easier forms, more emails!

As a general rule, Facebook ads are about as inoffensive as they come. They hide nicely in your News Feed or its margins, they don’t pop up or take over your screen, and while you may not sit down at your computer and say, “Mmmmmm! Can’t wait to be sold to!” Facebook’s advertising algorithm is pretty good at figuring if a given ad is something you’d like to see.

So it’s no surprise that they’ve made lead ad forms easy to use. For starters, they work on a strictly opt-in basis, so a customer has to hit Submit before you can capture their info. The forms are secure and confidential (Facebook requires advertisers to provide a link to their privacy policy and to agree to their terms and conditions) and can be submitted with just a few taps. And that streamlined experience for the user (see: your potential customers) means there are fewer barriers between you and that valuable contact information.

Okay, so…?

Email marketing is still the best way to build loyalty with your customer base. If a customer has given you their email address, they’ve pretty much told you that they like what you’re doing. Use this! Effective email marketing can keep those customers coming back over time and boost your profits.

But that’s not all.

Since lead forms are customizable, you can collect more than just email addresses. Collect cell numbers for your text program, birthdays and anniversary dates for trigger email offers, military status to reach veterans and active duty members with special military offers. Get creative! Say you own a car dealership; you can set up a custom field for customers looking to request a test drive.

If you’ve set aside a budget for Facebook ads (and if you haven’t, it’s definitely something you should consider doing), you can take those emails you’ve collected and load them directly into Facebook’s Ads Manager. This will allow you to reach out to those customers who have shown an interest in your business with more information about you. If you’re hosting a party for Memorial Day, say, you might send an email to your customer list so you can boost awareness. But you can also create a Facebook ad that’ll go to those same people, doubling the awareness and, hopefully, the attendance.

Facebook Lead Gen example restaurantsAgain, it’s all about being creative. Facebook ads are powerful tools that can be molded to suit your business’s needs. If our experience has taught us anything, it’s that business owners are always looking to improve their marketing efforts at a cost-effective rate. Lead ads offer you the one-two punch of boosting both your email and social marketing efforts.

In today’s financial climate, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.



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