How to Grow your Email Database

An average email list will decay about 22.5% per year. Maintaining a healthy email list is the key to a successful email marketing strategy.

If your email list isn’t actively growing, it’s dying. On average an email list will decay about 22.5% per year or, in other words, your email list of 1,000 contacts will be down to 600 valid email addresses after just 2 years! 

While this figure may seem high, this is perfectly normal. Here are a few reasons why your list decays over time:

  • Users change jobs, move or adopt a new email address
  • Users unsubscribe when they decide they no longer want to hear from you 
  • Your emails are unable to reach the user’s inbox because it is too full 

While it can be hard to say goodbye to these contacts, maintaining a healthy email list is the key to a successful email marketing strategy. The best way to do this is by consistently collecting new email addresses from customers and leads. Here’s how to turn the quick slope of email list decay into growth:

1. Web Forms

Turn website traffic into email subscribers

The easiest (and most automated) way to collect new email addresses for your database is through a website form. Website visitors, especially those who may not be quite ready to make a purchase, will enter their email to gain more information about their company before they decide to buy. This form will automatically add subscribers to your list and even send them a welcome email confirming that their subscription was successful!

This method of email collection is not only easy, it works! After adding an email collection form to their website, one of our customers gains 300-400 new subscribers on average each month! 

It is important to nurture these leads and keep your brand top of mind so that when the customer is ready to make a purchase you’re the company they come to.

2. Collect Customer Emails in Your POS system

Turn past customers into repeat customers

Email marketing is great for generating repeat business. Past customers have already demonstrated a demand for your product or service, and have committed to your brand. You can’t buy that level of targeting!

With an email campaign you can reach out to these dedicated customers and encourage them to purchase from you again. We suggest sharing special offers and product updates that you know they’ll find interesting based on past purchase behavior.

3. Collection Cards/Lists

Generate an email list with no technology required

For business owners that prefer a more traditional way of collecting emails, we recommend starting a collection list at your register. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a sheet of notebook paper and a pen is all you need to start collecting email addresses. 

If you’re looking for an upgraded experience, designed collection cards can convey your branding and a bit of information about what customers can expect from your emails as well as instructions for joining your list.

These cards are great to have at your front desk, give to prospective customers when doing an in-person quote or even tuck inside a bill presenter when you give the check to a customer at your restaurant.

If you have an email marketing program with us we’ll even handle the data entry for you. All you have to do is scan your lists or cards, take a photo or drop them in the mail to us and we’ll handle the rest 100% free of charge!

Ready to adopt one of these winning strategies? Speak with a marketing consultant today to learn about how our email marketing programs can help your business succeed.

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