4 Ways Direct Mail Helps Your Local Business Win Big

4 Ways Direct Mail Helps Your Local Business Win Big
Advertising is one of the fastest-evolving industries. But for a smaller business, innovations like virtual reality, digital ads, and geofencing can be intimidating — and expensive. Luckily, as larger companies try to out-compete each other by spending tons of money on advanced ads, smaller businesses can win big using a traditional advertising channel. This channel, direct mail, boasts a high ROI, has less competition, and is relatively inexpensive compared to most other advertising channels.

Direct Mail is advertising that relies on mailing physical marketing collateral to prospective buyers. Flyers, coupons, postcards, and circulars are a few examples of direct mailers. They get delivered via the postal service to mailboxes, and are retrieved whenever someone checks their mail.

In a world where many people spend hours on their smartphones every day, direct mail may seem low-tech or outdated. But it turns out that, as businesses continue to flood the email boxes of prospective clients, the wave of physical mail has receded — leaving an opening for your business to shine.

If you’re not using direct mail yet, here are four ways it can help your business win big:

  1. Target the customers you want. Gone are the days of indiscriminate mass mailings. Using databases and software, any marketing company that specializes in direct mail will be able to segment your customers according to income level and other demographics.That means that you spend less on your mailing campaign, and you reach the customers you really want — the ones that are most likely to respond to your mailing message.And, despite internet advertising tricks like re-targeting and personalized social media ads, 70% of people report that mail just feels more personal. Instead of feeling stalked, like many people do when an ad follows them across the internet, receiving personalized messages in the mail is a welcome experience. So you can target people without them feeling like you invaded their privacy.
  2. Achieve a high ROI. When budgets are tight and you don’t have a ton of money to spend on advertising, direct mail can help you eke out a lead over your competition. Because of direct mail’s relatively low cost, the return on your investment is huge.According to Print is Big, for every $167 spent on direct mail, local businesses sell $2095 in goods. Customers are more likely to take advantage of deals offered in direct mail, going so far as to make unplanned purchases. That helps a business’s bottom line, while also making the customer feel like they’ve gotten a good deal.
  3. It’s easy to understand (and has clear results). If you’re not the most tech-savvy small business owner, direct mail is an effective way to market while understanding exactly where every dollar goes. A good direct mailing marketing company can help you clearly understand and interpret a campaign’s results, and those results are transparent.By integrating a Personalized URL, QR code, or coupon code into a mailing offer, your team can easily track how effective a particular offer was and how much revenue resulted from the direct mailer.Compared to more technical arenas, such as PPC, direct mail has easy-to-understand metrics and results, so you can be more empowered during marketing decision making.
  4. Stay top of mind and build relationships. Mailmen UK states that “mail lives a rich, complex, emotional life far beyond the mailbox.” When people handle physical mailers, their levels of oxytocin — a pleasure chemical in the brain — go up. As a result, receiving mail is a pleasurable experience. Mail sticks in your prospective client’s memory longer, creating a shared emotional connection.Compared to flat online ads, which vanish as quickly as your customer can scroll, mail is physical. Rather than being immediately tossed into the trash, it often remains in the home for days or weeks. Jaded online customers will still scan mailers for coupons they can use. Mailers also seem much more personal and can help foster a sense of community.

What does this mean for your business?
Well, the business-customer relationship may last long after the initial mailer. Because your customer has a deeper, more emotional connection to your mailer and retains your brand for longer, they are more likely to become a repeat customer.

Ready to make moves with mail? For more than two decades, Moving Targets has helped businesses like yours win big with direct mail. Let’s get started — contact us today!

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