How to Win High Paying Clients in 2019

How to Win High Paying Clients in 2019

Despite marketers’ assurances to the contrary, direct mail marketing is still alive. While the majority of marketing is now done online — through any number of social media channels, retargeting ads, pay per click, organic placement, SEO, and more — direct mail can still be a valuable tool for building a high-paying client list. That’s why high-end retailers still invest the money in creating stunning print flyers, letters, catalogs, and attractive coupons: because they know it plays a vital role in customer capture.

But if you haven’t attempted a direct mail campaign yet because it seems complicated, that’s entirely fair. After all, direct mail can be costly, it isn’t as easy to track as online ads, and you’re still competing with a lot of junk.

However, marketing experts cite that direct mailers have double the open rate of emails, putting that number somewhere around 42%  — as opposed to emails 24% open rate. The click-through rate (CTR) of email is often abysmal. And that’s because everyone shifted their marketing to online, so people’s emails are more cluttered than they ever were before.

If you want to work with a small, high-paying clientele — or want to discover the basics of direct mail — you’re in the right place.

Consider these techniques when creating a direct mail campaign to achieve the best results in 2019.

The Perfect Copy

Your choice of words used in direct mail copy is extremely powerful. People do not buy based on the products or services features alone.  People buy based on their emotions and use the features to justify it, which is why your copy should tell a story. By using a narrative, readers can imagine themselves in the scenario described, including using your service or product. Focus on the reader and how you can benefit them, rather than shouting about your business.  

Partial Reveal

How you choose to present direct mail is essential in creating interest.  For example, delivering direct mail in a window envelope with just a portion of a promotional off visible through the envelope window intrigues recipients to open it to find out more. It’s the same concept as movie trailers, it’s human nature to want to find out more.


Tracking the effect of mail isn’t as easy as tracking, say, the insights on your latest email. But it’s still possible. Personalized QR codes, coupon codes, and non-indexed web pages that are only accessible to your customer after getting the mailer are the best way of tracking the effects your mailer has had. If you invest in A/B testing, you can discover which strategies work best for your business and audience.


Now that your prospect has (hopefully) engaged with your online presence via mail, it’s time to remarket. Make sure you’re using ads that have similar branding, coloration, headline, and message to your direct mailer. After all, you’re raising awareness — that will eventually help your prospect decide to buy.

When done right, direct mail can be an effective way to gain and maintain your ideal customers’ interest, create a lasting impact and encouraging people to take action. Abandoning one channel in favor of another can be destructive to any marketing campaign. Printed media shouldn’t replace digital components — and vice versa. Instead, different channels and touchpoints can be harnessed to achieve different objectives.

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