Never mind the hype: Print marketing is not dead

Although digital advertising has seemingly taken over the marketing and branding realms, many businesses continue to leverage strategies that involve print assets, and this is certainly a good thing. Be it direct mail or otherwise, most marketers understand that plenty of individuals in their target prospect pools are still engaged by print ads and communications, most likely those who are either Generation X or older.

However, the popularly proclaimed death of print has not been quite as real as many have been led to believe, and it is not only the older generations still interested in these formats. Rather, new research is indicating that even the youngest generations are still interested in print materials, and that the industry involved might be experiencing a resurgence today as a result. Marketers cannot rule out print ads should they hope to excel in their branding endeavors.

Really, print marketing is alive and well

The Washington Post reported back in February that millennials are proving to hold print ads and other materials close at heart, essentially quashing the myth that this medium would be completely gone within the next few years. As a note, studies have shown that text books, fiction and other reading materials are losing ground in the digital realm and giving way to a new era of print industry performance.

According to the news provider, one piece of research revealed that one-quarter of college students preferred to purchase physical copies of textbooks even if that meant balking on a free version made available through digital platforms. The same study revealed that this generation of students, all being millennials, purchased physical textbooks 87 percent of the time, further illustrating the continued popularity of this medium.

There is no argument to be made that digital marketing is going to contract, but a comprehensive strategy must still involve a print-based initiative to be truly effective.

Target millennials properly

Print advertisements, either in newspapers and other publications or through direct mail campaigns, will be highly effective so long as they are adjusted to modern best practices. Just because the medium is the same does not mean the rules of engagement are mirrors of the past.

Applying some of the tenets of digital content and email advertising to direct mail and other print marketing efforts can help companies to separate themselves from the competition and truly engage prospects from every generation.

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