Getting direct mail marketing right

As more companies begin to realize that direct mail marketing never really did lose ground in its ability to increase brand visibility and convert new prospect, campaigns are gaining in prevalence across industries. Some markets are simply better suited to direct mail communications than others, such as retail, real estate and restaurant industries, but virtually all can see clear benefits and advantages when they get these campaigns right from the start.

Much like most other forms of digital and traditional marketing, best practices must be obliged, a guiding strategy needs to be in place and leaders need to focus on always improving to maintain an edge in the eyes of prospects. Despite the fact that direct mail marketing is a far older practice than all of the digital campaigns entering the consumer landscape today, the tenets of the pursuits have indeed changed along with the times.

For example, the consumers in today’s market will still enjoy receiving direct mail ads, but what the communications should entail is far different than what would have been preferred a decade or more ago. Short, punchy, engaging and interactive campaigns will likely have the strongest results, and convergence with digital marketing efforts will help to build more value within the direct mail advertisements being sent out to younger clientele.

Let’s take a look at what firms in different industries are doing to strengthen their direct mail Marketing campaigns.

Pizza aficionados speak out
PMQ Pizza Magazine recently published a transcript of an interview it conducted with direct mail marketing professional Alyson Lex regarding what restaurateurs need to keep in mind when approaching these campaigns, affirming that this sometimes neglected medium is still highly effective when done right. Again, local restaurants are among the best suited to these types of marketing efforts and commonly do so, making them a good source of inspiration for advertisers in other industries.

According to the news provider, Lex believes that marketers must focus on the long game in these campaigns rather than only trying once and never again, while testing through smaller groups of subjects can also be highly effective. What’s more, she asserted that marketers really need to be loose and jovial when creating the content that will be included in the mailings, as “boring” and overly standardized iterations will simply not capture the attention of modern customers.

The source then asked Lex what types of mistakes she sees direct mail marketers making specifically in the pizza industry.

“The biggest mistake most businesses make is being boring,” she told PMQ Pizza Magazine. “Yes, there are people who forget to include their phone number or website or what have you, but boring will get you put in the trash can faster than anything else. It’s a busy, busy world out there – getting attention means you’ve got to go outside the box of what everyone else is doing and do something DIFFERENT.”

A quick note on construction
Construction firms will often need to have a strong foundation in their local communities to be truly successful, and direct mail often acts as a preferable medium through which these entities can communicate with prospects. For Construction Pros recently explained some of the ways these companies can strengthen their statures in local communities, while not garnering images of being a fair weather friend among clientele.

With respect to direct mailings, this medium can be helpful in making the construction firms’ presence known and beginning to build some rapport with customers.

“If the people in the community have received direct mail from you and they see your jobsite signs out there, that would be additional confirmation that you are a reputable local business,” Jeff Cayton, regional vice president of Neyra Industries, told the news provider. “Those job signs are an additional reference for potential customers to see your work.”

At the end of the day, any local business that is not engaging in direct mail marketing campaigns should certainly consider doing so soon. Even companies that have a wider reach in terms of regional targets can boost their brand images, enhance visibility among prospects and come a few steps closer to higher conversion rates with a well-crafted direct mail campaign.

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