The Brass Tacks of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has really yet to gain its 10 creative ideas for facebook postsfooting, as so many new techniques, practices, solutions and platforms are being conceived and released on what seems like a monthly basis, knocking many advertisers out of their comfort zone.

However, this presents significant opportunities for those who are a bit more committed to excellence and striving
to be the first in their respective markets to really nail social media marketing and maintain optimal performances.

It is worth noting that social media marketing is still taking shape because of research that has found it to be one of the least effective forms of digital advertising for conversions, but this does not mean it comes without significant advantages.

Consumer behaviors are shifting in a direction that makes social media ad campaigns a bit more valuable, while business leaders have a wealth of opportunities to engage new and existing clientele in conversation through these platforms.

As such, it is time that business leaders and advertisers get to the brass tacks of social media marketing, understanding how best to use the mediums and playing to the strengths rather than trying to only overcome its weaknesses. Because this is a hot segment of the digital marketing arena, a wealth of new and powerful practices are being developed and shared that can help guide these strategies in the right direction.

Keep social media marketing simple

Although going above and beyond the call of duty is always a worthy endeavor in modern digital marketing, businesses must first get the basics right before taking unique angles on these campaigns. Entrepreneur magazine recently listed some of the core components of a social media marketing strategy that must be involved from the outset of a new initiative, affirming that this begins with objective creation.

Objectives need to be reasonable and well understood before a marketing campaign can really take shape, as effective strategies will tightly align activities with objectives. According to the news provider, these should also be measurable, meaning that goals should have a concrete base in reality rather than being too fluid. Additionally, the source stated that customer segmentation and research is critical to ensure an accurate understanding of prospects is reached prior to launching the campaign.

Entrepreneur went on to urge businesses to focus on carefully selecting the channels that will come with the most value for their specific brands, establish a content strategy that will guide communications and compare the campaigns to those of competitors.

Getting social media marketing right

Marketing Land published a question-and-answer blog post to reveal some of the more important considerations social media advertisers should be keeping in mind as they develop and execute their strategies. When asked about how these professionals must handle negative feedback from a branding perspective, the source offered this suggestion:

“Be engaged with your audience. Address all feedback diplomatically,” the news provider affirmed. “When running social ad campaigns on Twitter, for example, you can actually filter out negative sentiment as part of campaign setup.”

To that end, it is worth noting here that businesses cannot balk on social media marketing campaigns simply because they believe that they will receive too much negative feedback. Rather, even the most troubling feedback can be viewed as an opportunity when the social media strategy is handled properly, effectively quelling issues and building the brand image among other prospects in the process.

These platforms and websites are among the most powerful communication tools the world has ever seen, and should be viewed as a priority for business leaders in the modern era.

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