Facebook cover videos help businesses spice up their Facebook Pages

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to capture the attention of our customers’ fans on Facebook, so we love experimenting with Facebook cover videos. Facebook cover videos are just what they sound like: cover photos that are videos instead of static images. And, as the first thing viewers see on your Page, they can help you make a great first impression on your prospects and leads.

Use Facebook cover videos to tell a story about your business.

Like with video marketing, in general, there are several themes you can follow to share your message. Here are a few of our favorites:

    1. Capture your customers, product or service in action.Saltgrass Steak House Facebook cover video
      There are few visuals more mouthwatering than a steak on a grill. In Saltgrass Steak House’s Facebook cover video, you can almost hear the sizzling as the flames dance around the tender meat.Other examples: Yamaha Music, ALDI and the X Games


    1. Let viewers get up close and personal with a product.BMW Facebook cover video
      BMW’s Facebook cover video is like a miniature car commercial. They show off their new BMW X3 from all angles to create a desire in buyers that’s just not possible with a static image.Other examples: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and The Cheesecake Factory


    1. Show your audience what your brand really stands for.TOMS Facebook cover video
      For many businesses, it’s not just about selling a product; instead, it’s about making a statement. The Facebook cover video for TOMS reflects their mission to do, look and feel good.Other examples: GoPro, Coach and Tabasco


    1. Take viewers behind the scenes with an exclusive how-to or profile.Whataburger Facebook cover video
      Fans love getting the inside scoop, so Whataburger takes viewers behind the creation of their new Spicy Strawberry Chicken & Sausage Biscuits.


    1. Tease an upcoming special, event or product release.Red Lobster Facebook cover video
      Diehard Red Lobster fans await Crabfest with bated breath. The seafood chain knows exactly how to drum up excitement for it with their Facebook cover video that features that glorious snap of a cracking crab leg.Other example: “Cars”


    1. Showcase your drool-worthy locale with a tour or time-lapse feature.Glacier National Park Facebook cover video
      For destinations or venues, your appeal is largely in your location. Glacier National Park does an excellent job of highlighting the majestic scenery of Big Sky Country.Other example: VISIT FLORIDA

Follow these best practices for Facebook cover videos.

Now that your brain is full of inspiration, it’s time to put it into action. Before you shoot and upload a video of your own, keep in mind the following best practices.

      1. While the video plays automatically, it does so silently. Focus on the visuals foremost to capture viewers’ attention. If the first three to six seconds don’t hook them, they’ll likely scroll down or click away from your Page.
      2. You have 20 to 90 seconds to tell your story. Effective marketers who’ve used video to market their businesses on Facebook (or Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) should be used to packing in just enough detail for the short-form framework. If you’re new to digital video, though, take note: It takes planning and intention to get your message across both effectively and quickly.
      3. Facebook’s size recommendation for these videos is 820 x 463 pixels. (The minimum requirement is 820 x 312 pixels.) If your video is larger, you’ll be able to reposition your video within the frame. Still, if your source video has a lot of action happening along the edges, you may want to consider reshooting or using another video that better suits your sizing needs.

Facebook Insights will tell you how your Facebook cover video is performing.

Like with your other native Facebook videos, you can use Facebook Insights to dive into the data on how your Facebook cover video is performing. For starters, you can see the number of video views, the number of video views of at least 10 seconds and the average watch time. You can also see how many users clicked the video to play it (versus auto-play). Finally, you can break down your audience with unique views, post engagement, viewer demographics and paid-versus-organic reach.

Have you tested out Facebook cover videos yet?

As you can see in the examples above, businesses of all sizes and across industries worldwide are experimenting with Facebook cover videos. Now, it’s your turn! Our social media experts can help you spice up your Facebook profile today, give us a call at 1-800-926-2451 to get started!

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