5 ways to use Facebook to grow your business

5 Ways to use Facebook to grow your business

So, your business has a social media presence, but are you an effective Facebook marketer? The goal of social media marketing isn’t just to generate likes and fans but to convert those fans to paying guests. When business owners understand that social media is more than just an app, they can leverage it to generating sales in real life, and in real-time. Obtaining measurable results requires a strategy and some serious know-how.

Here are 5 ways to use Facebook to grow your business, courtesy of our digital marketing Team.

Highlight your business’s happenings: If you’re looking to create consistent customers, keep everyone in the loop! You can easily use Facebook Ads and Facebook Stories to promote specials, deals, or even events. This not only allows current and new customers to see what promotions your business is running, but it also can create the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect and drive more people to your business. Facebook users like to see that you keep your social media presence up-to-date and they are more likely to engage with your content and want to visit you in person.


Lizzi Levis, Digital Marketing Strategist

Get an Instagram: Instagram is easy to integrate with your Facebook page and it is a great way to connect with your customers. They can tag your location or your profile which in turn allows you to see your business from their point of view. Sharing these photos on your Facebook page and tagging your customer’s Instagram handle in the caption is a great way to give outsiders an idea of what to expect while also building your already existing customer base. Plus, studying your customers’ experiences of your business is a great way to grow your business beyond your social media outlets.

Mary Colleen Romendio, Content Specialist

Reward customers for their loyalty: Come up with a Loyalty Rewards program to attract new customers and keep regulars coming back. The most common system for loyalty programs is a point system where frequent customers can earn points that can translate into certain types of rewards such as discounts, special treatment, freebies, etc. Facebook is an easy way to utilize this and give your customers the ‘VIP Treatment’.

Beau Valentin, Digital Marketing Strategist

Consistency is key: Make sure your content stays consistent with your business and brand. Actual business images have a better engagement rate than stock photos. Keeping all of your posts and images consistent helps to build brand awareness and create a nice flow. Plus, customers won’t be misled when they walk into your business if you use your own images.

Marco Davoli , Content Specialist

Video is on top: Many small business owners struggle with the balancing act of engaging customers while increasing sales. As a marketer, it’s important to take an extra minute to scrutinize your messaging to ensure that the advertisements you’re producing are adding value to the news feed, not just throwing another sales pitch into the void. The easiest way to do this is with a short and snappy 15-second motion graphic video that introduces your brand to a new audience of fans. Choose the “video views” objective in the Power Editor with your predefined demographics and interest lists. After your first video ad runs, pay close attention to the average percentage of a video viewed. If you aren’t keeping a solid number of users 75 percent of the way through, something needs to be adjusted. Take it a step further in your next campaign with re-targeting; you can create an audience of people who have already watched your videos, further influencing their buying decisions.

Rachel Heisler , Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

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