Make email marketing campaigns count

Make email marketing campaigns count

The advantages and power of email marketing campaigns are well-known at this point, as businesses in virtually every industry have leveraged these strategies for a range of branding purposes. However, simply getting the customer to click on the links in the email does not necessarily translate to success, as the return on investment is understated when these outcomes represent the end of the interaction.

Rather, leaders need to ensure their email marketing strategies directly lead a customer to take action and make a purchase should they want to enjoy the highest possible ROI. There is somewhat of a science to crafting campaigns that consistently and effectively lead to conversions and purchases, but even the smallest businesses can get the job done in this regard.

Maximizing purchases from campaigns

Entrepreneur magazine contributor and digital advertising expert Neil Patel recently wrote a blog post for the publication in which he listed several tried-and-true measures marketers can use to actually see sales increases from their email campaigns. According to the author, the headlines need to be well-crafted, with marketers focusing on being as concise and provocative as possible. He noted this particular step will be a bit easier when those in charge find ways to combine specificity with a clear call to action.

Many companies will not include the call to action until the end of the body of the email. Incorporating it into the headline is a more effective measure to not only get the click but also begin leading the recipient to a purchase. Patel noted the offer included in the email must be truly compelling, essentially putting forth a deal or product the audience will consider. Finally, the author urged marketers to clearly request the recipient make a purchase in such a way that makes the specific audience members consider such action.

Continuous campaign improvement

Businesses must track and monitor every step taken for each email marketing campaign and the results to garner the right knowledge of what makes their audiences tick. Analysis based on hard data will enable the brand to enjoy better results with the passing of each campaign, especially when it comes to real ROI and sales increases.

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