Diving into Digital with Sysco Foods: A Social Media Marketing Case Study

Sysco Las Vegas Case Study


The Business Resource Team at the Sysco Las Vegas branch wanted to use popular social media platforms such as Facebook to build a stronger online presence and gain more followers. The goal was to show the locals that Sysco may be a big company, but they are a local company that cares about the community.

Before seeking out help from Moving Targets, the Sysco Las Vegas Facebook page had acquired just 53-page likes. At the time (August 2018), posted content on the page seemed to be few and far between with only a few articles from time to time.


Moving Targets came up with a plan that consisted of a combination of consistent content marketing with an ad campaign that would be designed to reach out to the locals. One of the main goals was to differentiate Sysco from the common “corporate” label that other large companies often have and push their focus on the local customer and their needs.

Keeping a consistent schedule of content is an important aspect of building and maintaining the audience as it allows them to look forward to new, creative recipes and learn more about upcoming events.

The Sysco team provided us with a wealth of content ranging from photos, event flyers, magazine articles, popular recipes, video how-to’s, and much more. This supply of content allowed us to create engaging captions and stories that would help to resonate with their followers.

  • Geared the content of the page more towards the team at Sysco Las Vegas as well as fun recipes that anyone can use. We wanted the ratio of content to be largely fun and relatable with some minor focus on the actual services that they sell. Being able to show off the faces of those who work at the company removes the corporate mask and creates much more engaging and relatable material.
  • Facebook ads focused on brand awareness and engagement to increase both the reach of the brand and grow the likes on the page. We wanted the ads to focus on people that are most likely to resonate with Sysco’s brand.


With Sysco’s plethora of marketing materials, flyers, and recipes, we were able to have a consistent stream of content that resonated well with the growing audience. The audience for the Facebook page has grown from 53-page likes (August 2018) to 401-page likes (December 2018) and continues to grow using this marketing strategy.

In October, Sysco Las Vegas hosted a Fall Food Show at the Downtown Grand Hotel. After creating a post and using an ad campaign focused on reach and engagement, the event reached over 1,500 people and had over 450 engagements on Facebook. The event was packed with over 144 manufacturers represented at the event.


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Sysco Las Vegas, Case Study
Sysco Las Vegas, Case Study
Sysco Las Vegas, Case Study
Sysco Las Vegas, Case Study
Sysco Las Vegas, Case Study

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