Case Study: Boost Sales with Geofencing Campaigns

When paired with direct mail, Moving Targets' geofencing ads brought 308 additional customers to a restaurant within one month!
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Greek’s Pizzeria is a family-owned single-location in Indiana. While they had a solid recurring base of customers, they noticed an increase of competition in their community. They wanted to not only ensure their existing customers returned, but try and entice new customers to visit as well. By trusting Moving Targets to implement our geofencing technology, Greek’s was able to combat new competition and increase sales.


The Moving Targets team used geofencing to target the restaurant’s local competitors, with virtual walls added to the top twelve pizza places in an approximate three-mile radius. Assuming the customers within a pizzeria were already ordering or eating Italian food, we employed a delayed-launch strategy. Once a customer entered a competitor, there was a two-week delay before Greek’s ads were shown to these people. This ensured the placements were not wasted on those who had just enjoyed the same cuisine recently. 


Within the first month, Moving Targets was able to deliver more than 269 geofence conversions meaning that, as a result of our campaign, 269 individuals saw one of these advertisements and then visited Greek’s Pizzeria.

Overall it took approximately 5 days for someone to visit the restaurant after seeing these ads, with an average cost of only $2.23 per guest.

The best part? Not only did this client receive a detailed report every week to update them on their campaign’s progress but they could actually see an increase in traffic to their restaurant and an increase in overall sales!

Number of Additional Visits


Cost Per Guest Visit


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