NYC Nightclub Dominates Competition using Moving Targets Geo-Fencing

A NYC nightclub wanted to increase their guest count by gaining new customers from their local competitors. Our geo-fencing techonology was able to help!
Dominate Competition using Moving Targets Geo-Fencing


A New York City Nightclub was looking to increase their guest count by gaining new customers from their fierce competitors in the area. They enlisted the help of Moving Targets to utilize geofencing with conversion zones technology to their target their competitors’ clubs and deliver ads specifically to those who have demonstrated to be night club attendees. 

This type of specific targeting was not something that they could previously afford to do due to the high entry cost associated with the technology. However, through a partnership with Moving Targets, the client gained access to information about clients and specialized targeting that was not available to them in the past.

The client was also looking to measure and report on online-to-offline conversions, meaning the number of potential customers who saw an ad online and then ended up converting to paying customers in person. This return on investment tracking is particularly important to make sure that advertising dollars are being spent most effectively.


To get started, the Moving Targets team identified several nearby competitors and built geofences and a conversion zone around their location. By viewing the unique signatures given off by consumer’s cell phones, we were able to identify which individuals entered the geofenced zones and delivered ads to them for our client’s nightclub.

With quick learning from the campaign launch, Moving Targets was able to continually optimize performance by adjusting target zones, adding in additional nightclubs, bars, restaurants to expand our reach in the area. 

Our team also implemented frequency caps and dayparting to avoid targeting competitor’s employees with advertising which maximized the budget by only showing the ad to customers that may be looking for another night club in the area.


Within two months, Moving Targets was able to deliver more than 721 geofence conversions, meaning that as a result of our campaign 721 individuals received an advertisement and then visited the advertiser’s nightclub. 289 of those guests had not been at the establishment within the past 30 days prior to receiving the ads. 

The cost to get each customer through the client’s door is less than half of their cover charge, at only $4.90 per customer. Moving Targets’ results show that people are 270.89% more likely to visit the club after seeing an ad based on Geo-Lift Conversion.

Based on these results, the client saw a high return on investment (ROI) for the campaign as the cost to acquire a customer was already completely covered by the cover charge paid by each patron. This means that any amount spent inside the club on drinks is pure profit for the club.

Want to see what Moving Targets’ location-based mobile advertising can do for your business? Our experts are excited to help you get started using geofencing technology to target your competitor’s customers and grow your business.

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