Modern marketing is all about audience knowledge

Modern marketing is all about audience knowledgeToday’s businesses and marketers have a larger, more robust range of tools available to connect with new customers, convert them to active clientele and retain them for longer of periods of time than any point in the past. This is largely due to the ever-expanding universe of digital advertising platforms and channels becoming more popular and traditional mediums remaining relevant.

However, entrepreneurs need to stay focused and remember that trying to use every option on the table can defy their branding initiatives before long. Having stellar performances across a few channels will tend to be more advantageous and efficient than spreading the strategies too thin. Additionally, this more targeted approach will almost always lead to fewer risks of poor customer engagement, wasteful spending and a tarnished reputation.

Getting the targeted marketing strategy right, of course, is all about knowing the audience.

Succeeding with direct mail

As many marketers and small-business owners already know, direct mail advertising is still a powerful avenue toward customer attraction and conversion. However, these campaigns will not be equally effective for all demographics and prospects. Marketing Week recently reported many marketers who try to push products and services to older audiences have excelled with direct mail campaigns.

According to the news provider, their behaviors are a bit different within the confines of direct mail campaigns. Some direct mail strategies will work to drive traffic to websites and other digital mediums. However, the source pointed out that fewer than one-third of older individuals will go into the digital component, and fewer than one-quarter of parents whose children recently left the home would.

This is why some marketers have changed the tune of their direct mail campaigns to better serve and attract older individuals. Marketing Week noted the sweet spot appears to be in brochures that include all of the necessary information. In some situations – when the audience is well-suited to the approach – putting the bulk of budget into this campaign can be highly effective.

“Our marketing is very much targeted at empty nesters,” River Cruise Line Head of Brand Marketing Pat Tempest told the source. “River cruising appeals to an older age group, so brochures explain how everything is taken care of. We use the best photography we can on our budget to promote our destinations and show real people’s experiences. We use phrases like ‘picture this,’ and we talk about ‘journeys.'”

Strike the balance
Forbes argued digital marketing provides a big boost that might steer advertisers away from traditional mediums. However, the news provider stated that the trick is to understand the audience and then use the channels that will most closely align with their preferences – not ruling out any particular option too quickly. In some instances, cross-channel advertising campaigns that capitalize on the strengths of both digital and traditional channels will have the strongest impact on the brand’s image.

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