Case Study: Florida Auto Shop Wins with Location-Based Advertising

Moving Targets' geofencing ads brought new customers to a Florida auto shop at a cost of just $3.67 each during a 4-month campaign.


Pure Auto Center located in Yulee, Florida sought the help of Moving Targets to increase their in-store foot traffic as well as improve local brand recognition. Moving Targets utilized geofencing technology to show highly-targeted digital display ads to potential Pure Auto Centers customers based on locations they have recently visited.


To get started, the Moving Targets team developed a comprehensive geofencing advertising strategy around Pure Auto Center’s target audience and overall advertising goal.

The geofencing campaign was broken down into three categories: locations, placements (websites and apps), and ad creatives. The locations being targeted were competitors and local businesses, where prospects would frequently visit. Also, Pure Auto Center provided an enticing offer, which was promoted on the display ads to catch potential customers’ attention.

As the campaign ran over time, each category was closely monitored by removing locations and blacklisting placements that were underperforming. New ad creative were supplemented for additional testing.


Within four months, Moving Targets was able to deliver 225 geofence conversions, meaning that 225 people saw an advertisement, then visited Pure Auto Center’s building. Even better, it cost only $3.67 for each customer to step through our client’s door. Furthermore, the campaign reached 71,446 people, and 164 clicked through the geofenced ads to view Pure Auto Center’s website to obtain more information.

Want to see what Moving Targets’ location-based mobile advertising can do for your business? Our experts are excited to help you get started using our geofencing technology to target your competitor’s customers and grow your business.

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