New Year, New Marketing Plan

Marketing is a field that is entirely dependent upon remaining relevant in the face of change. Here are our tips for how you can improve your marketing for the new year.

2020 Marketing
Marketing is a field that is entirely dependent upon remaining relevant in the face of change. As society shifts towards new interests and more engaging media options, every company must do their part to make sure that they are still able to reach their target audience. With the introduction of social media and new trends, it can feel almost impossible to remain on top of what people are looking for in a way that will encourage them to pick you over the next company. Fortunately, we are here to help you learn about a few key marketing approaches that can help you to reach your audience in the new year:

1. Create Relevant Content

This is a simple tip that can be difficult to execute. The face of relevant content is a constantly shifting target that can determine just how successful you are. We live in a world where you need to have a careful balance of quality content that engages customers alongside content that is designed to optimize your business for search engines. The fact is that you will need a lot of great content in a lot of different mediums to find your customers, engage them, and then convince them to stick around. Fortunately, there are many great ways to go about this.

The most popular kind of content today is video content. People love entertaining and informational videos that can provide quality information quickly. Viral videos are a huge area of focus for the internet, so making sure that you create relevant and socially aware videos can help skyrocket your outreach. Business social media accounts are also proving to be a fun and interactive way to reach an audience. By providing a quality social media account, you will convince people to not only buy from you, but also share your content to their followers. Blogs and web content are helpful for providing your store with search engine optimization features that will help drive people to you when they look for products like yours. Combining these kinds of content make it possible for you to meet your audience on every level.

2. Know where to meet your people

If you want to make sure that you have what it takes to reach your target audience, then you need to be able to find them. There is nothing more tragic than the right kind of ad being left in the wrong kind of place. In order to get your business in front of the right people you need to know where they hang out. In the digital space, understanding what kinds of social media your audience interacts with is absolutely crucial.

In its simplest sense, a big part of getting in front your audience is understanding what social media platforms they use. You probably won’t target teenagers on Facebook anymore than you would advertise to the elderly on TikTok. Knowing where your target demographics hangout is imperative for putting the right content in the right places, but there is much more to it. Social media platforms are entire worlds filled with different areas for different kinds of people. You need to know what your target audience is looking at so you can get in front of them in the right ways by targeting the kinds of accounts that they follow and the tags that they frequent.

3. Limit how long it takes for them to buy from you

Social media is no longer just a platform where you can advertise. At this point, many popular social media sites allow you to easily deliver people straight to your store by maintaining in-app digital storefronts. By utilizing these options, you can easily reduce the unnecessary complications that come with getting people back to your website for a purchase. Many people opt out of interacting with ads specifically because it means that they will lose their place on the website or in the app. These digital storefronts make it easy for them to say yes to buying from you because there is no inconvenience factor.

When you use an in-app store interface, which is incredibly popular on both Instagram and Twitter, you make it possible for your customers to go straight from seeing to buying within a single minute. This capitalizes on the psychology of shoppers by making it possible for them to skip the period where they might talk themselves out of the purchase. When you make shopping for your products convenient, you make it easy for your customers to commit to a purchase.

4. Understand the power of influencers

A huge area of marketing that has opened up with the popularity of social media is the use of influencers. Social media influencers are accounts run by individuals who have a massive online following. These established social media gurus are great at targeting the right audience because they already have access to them. Working with these individuals makes it easy for you get your products or services in front of your shared audience.

As opposed to traditional marketing efforts, working with a social media influencer is really more of a partnership than a traditional marketing endeavor. These individuals are in-tune with your audience, which means they know how to make you appear relevant. Even the right product can fail if it isn’t marketed to the right people correctly. Social media influencers are great at marketing products because they already know how to interact with your audience and have a preestablished brand that your shared audience depends on. This can feel like a more organic outreach attempt to your audience purely because the trust has already been built with the influencer. Leveraging the right influencers can help you skyrocket your brand awareness overnight.


It is impossible to know what will be popular a year from now, but by creating content and interacting with your audience in a way that is built around them, you can stay on top of it. It is crucial for you to stay in touch with the people that you are trying to reach. By maintaining a good pulse on what is relevant and what the people that you need to reach are looking for, you can more easily meet your audience on their level and show them exactly why they should choose you in the new year!

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