Seven Corners Sunoco : A Digital Marketing Case Study

Seven Corners Sunoco enlisted the help of Moving Targets to bring their website and Facebook page up to date. Check out their results two months later!


Seven Corners Sunoco required help from Moving Targets to build their presence online and potentially get more customers in their door. Their website needed a new, fresh look that would highlight their services and allow customers to request an appointment and their Facebook page needed an overhaul as well.

As of November 2018, Seven Corners Sunoco had 66 Page Likes on Facebook and hadn’t posted on their Facebook page since 2016. Up to that point, Seven Corners Sunoco had very little attention and interaction on their Facebook page.



It was evident that Seven Corners Sunoco needed help building their online presence. Moving Targets instantly knew that redesigning their website, creating content on Facebook and Instagram and utilizing Facebook ads would give Seven Corners Sunoco the online boost it needed.

Moving Targets started by creating a brand new 5-page website to give customers information about their company, services, and service guarantees while also highlighting customer reviews. An online form allows visitors to submit a request for an appointment without even picking up the phone.

In order to boost this new client’s social media presence and overall brand awareness, Moving Targets knew that content alone wasn’t going to cut it. This is where implementing an ad strategy came into play. To initially gain followers and get the word out there, several Page Like ads were set up for Seven Corners Sunoco. These Page Like ads inticed Facebook users (within a specific mile radius) to like Seven Corners Sunoco’s page in order to stay updated with tips, tricks, and shop specials!

Another major component in Seven Corners Sunoco’s marketing strategy was the content being posted to their page. Posting various types of car-related content three times a week fit best with their goal. Having a consistent posting schedule allowed consumers to see the page was active and also provided helpful car tips. The reason this marketing schedule was effective because it increased users’ knowledge and mapped out the different services provided by Seven Corners Sunoco.



Since teaming up with Moving Targets, Seven Corners Sunoco has already seen some great results!

Within the first two months of running ads and consistently posting content, Seven Corners Sunoco’s Page Likes for Seven Corners Sunoco grew by 231% upping them to over 120 Likes. The Page Followers for Seven Corners also grew 238%!

After teaming up with Moving Targets, Seven Corners Sunoco’s Post Reach has grown over 740%. Seven Corners Sunoco’s Post Engagements on Facebook were also up 96% within the first month.

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