Case Study: Roll in the Rewards

What’s in it for me? We ask ourselves this question several times a day which is why you should tailor your marketing to this exact question.

What’s in it for me? Subconsciously and consciously, as humans, we ask ourselves this question several times a day. This is why you should tailor your [email] marketing to this exact question. Think about it: when your buddy buys you a cup of coffee, or lunch as a way of saying thanks for helping them out, you’re more likely to do it again. Setting up email rewards is something that you can do for your customers, to thank them for being loyal patrons and keep them coming back!


A business based out of Philadelphia, PA wanted to reward their loyal customers by offering a specific discount based on past purchases in 2020. As a long-time email customer of Moving Targets, they spoke with their Account Manager and mentioned sending out a rewards email.


Moving Targets takes pride in helping businesses keep their customers happy and coming back! The best way to accomplish this task is by setting up a rewards program. This way you can keep track of your devoted clientele and create an email list for patrons that would like to be sent information, and also earn a little something each time they shop or dine with you.

Because this client already had an established rewards program with prior success, it was a no-brainer that Moving Targets would create and design a rewards email!

The client provided us with their rewards program customer list. This list detailed how much money customers earned in rewards during 2020, their contact information, and the total purchase amount the rewards could be used toward.


Customers appreciate receiving incentives from the businesses they love, and that is why this email campaign was incredibly successful! 

This email had a 27.47% open rate compared to the industry average of 16.06%. Of those that opened the email, 21.69% clicked on the company’s website link (the industry average is 9.22%).

Of the 650 people who opened the email, 150 customers redeemed their rewards which is a redemption rate of 23.08%. On average, rewards programs have a redemption rate of 13.67%.

During these times, where customers are more inclined to shop or order online, it’s beneficial to set up a rewards program. This way you can keep in touch with your most devoted clientele and also compensate them for patronizing your business. 

When you receive an email from a business and they are offering money off your next purchase, chances are you’re going to open it! Therefore, your customers are more likely to open your email when you are “rewarding” them for being a loyal patron!

Open Rate


Click Through Rate


Redemption Rate


Want to learn more about how to use this strategy to advance your business? Our experts are excited to help you get started.

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