Email marketing blunders: Don’t trip over small mistakes

A good email marketing message is a great branding tool. A blunder is a waste for your business.
A good email message is a great branding tool. A bad one is a waste for your business.

There are many different ways to reach customers with email. Lists, offers, newsletters and more can make your brand stick in consumers’ minds. Of course, picking the wrong format or launching a muddled strategy may have a huge negative impact on the way the public views your brand. This means it’s up to you to navigate the numerous options carefully, avoiding common email marketing blunders and going with tactics and strategies that suit the way you run your business.

Avoiding email marketing blunders and worst practices

Finding the right email marketing strategy means identifying the right subject matter and style for your company. Practical Ecommerce recently highlighted a few of the risks waiting for you when you create campaigns during busy shopping seasons.

    • Is this spam?: Convincing recipients that your communications present valuable information, not spam, is huge. Since so little brand retention comes from an unopened message, that first click is the defining moment of an interaction. If your headline is too long, contains a misspelled word or is in all caps, it will likely not be opened.
    • You again?: There’s such a thing as too much of your brand. Sending an endless stream of emails is one good way to tip that balance against you. Pushy and desperate are not descriptors you want attached to your company.
    • Don’t forget the season: Sending email is a good way to boost engagement during the holidays, according to Practical Ecommerce. Between all the benefits email can offer, such as mobile compatibility and augmentation of other marketing channels, such as direct mail, the best boost might be its ability to keep continuous traffic during high-demand months.

Content that looks good on the small screen

One practice that bears repeating on its own is the importance of mobile devices. Individuals open messages on these devices all the time – if the content is unreadable, what’s the chance they’ll come back to it later on a PC? Not good. Email Insider predicted huge amounts of companies will convert their strategies to ensure these viewers aren’t turned off by their branded messages, even predicting that seven in every 10 big retailers will target mobile this year.

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