Stay ahead of the mobile marketing curve

Mobile marketing stats 2015Mobile marketing is not quite king of the proverbial hill, but it is certainly beginning to take up higher rates of traffic with the passing of each year. One recent study found that personal computers and laptops still comprise the majority of website traffic generation and marketing reception among consumers, but most believe that this will flip within the next few years given how popular smartphones and tablets have already become among the general population.

In anticipation of this impending reversal, Google even announced recently that it will begin to include a website’s mobile-friendliness as a factor in their search rankings. So as marketing begins to bow down to mobile tactics, what steps can you take to ensure that you aren’t left behind?

Key points of mobile marketing to consider

The time is now to begin work on more prolific and effective mobile marketing strategies, including tactics like email and social media. Luckily, there is plenty of guidance and support to be had, with use cases, suggestions and expert analysis readily available throughout the World Wide Web and with the help of professional service providers.

Search Engine Land recently listed some of the trends and tips it feels are most important to be considered by companies working to launch an effective mobile marketing strategy, affirming that businesses that balk on the prospect of this advertising venture are going to have a tough time reaching optimal visibility. According to the news provider, consumers have been found to be more likely to search for local companies using their smartphones and tablets, making a mobile strategy especially important for smaller, Main Street operations.

In fact, there might not be an industry better-suited to mobile marketing campaigns than small retail. In terms of the types of content and voicing that should be included in mobile advertising collateral, a few major shifts in consumer preferences have been logged over the past couple of years. For example, the source pointed to one study that found when relevant content either provides some type of provocative deal or explains products and services have local relevance, these efforts tend to be the most effective in reaching the beloved conversion.

Do not lose sight of your brand

Remember, too, that if most of the consumers viewing your mobile marketing content are on-the-go, the information therein should be concise, to-the-point and timely, otherwise the outreach will likely be ignored. Finally, Search Engine Land pointed out that there is plenty of information available to fuel industry research and market analytics programs, and businesses should spare no expense in attaining these valuable insights.

When brand voice consistency falls by the wayside . . . performance will be inherently lower.

One of the lesser spoken-about challenges involved in creating and executing a mobile marketing strategy is the need to maintain a consistent brand voice across channels – both those that are new and the ones that have been around for years. When brand voice consistency falls by the wayside in today’s omnichannel-fueled marketing strategies, the chances of reaching and sustaining optimal levels of performance will be inherently lower.

Ensure that the overarching brand management strategy is considered when developing mobile advertising programs, as this will quickly work to guide smaller and larger decision-making processes in the right directions over time.

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