How to Effectively Engage Your Customers through Email Marketing

There are several variables to consider when trying to effectively engage your customers through email marketing. For your campaigns to be successful, you need to evaluate each of these factors and make sure they properly address your customers’ needs.

Consider the following when using email marketing:

1. Is your email consistent with your company’s branding?

Just like any other type of marketing, your email campaigns need to follow your company’s branding. Your brand is the most important factor in your company’s overall marketing initiative. When your customers open an email from you, be sure they instantly recognize that it’s from your company. Be consistent with logos, colors and fonts throughout the piece.

2. How often are you emailing your customers?

Each industry varies on how often you should email customers. There is a fine line between annoying customers and effectively engaging them. If you email too often, customers will become irritated and opt out of your email database. However, not emailing your customers often enough can also have its own negative effects. Your customers could become disengaged and you could see your open rates drop when you do send an email promotion.

3. Is the content of your email relevant to your customers’ needs?

Listen to your customers and find out what they like most about your business. Send out emails to promote specials, events or discounts that your customers want to receive. If you don’t want to send a promotional email, send a brief newsletter about the latest news in your industry or fun facts about your business. Be sure to avoid content-heavy email though. Most customers only spend a few seconds reading an email, so make sure you aren’t turning them off with too much text.

Follow these suggestions, and your email campaign is sure to be a success. Your customers will be happily engaged, and you will see a dramatic increase in sales! Ready to get started on your own email marketing campaign? Give us a call today!

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