Serving Up Email Success for Restaurants

Email marketing works extremely well for restaurants because it is a great way to communicate with a large portion of your existing customer base quickly.
restaurant email marketing on mobile phone

Every business in the restaurant industry wants their customer’s loyalty and attention. There can be an overwhelming amount of competing emails and ads in front of consumers at any given time. It may feel impossible to choose where to spend your time and money.

At Moving Targets, we’ve been working with restaurants to put their best foot forward since 1992. While things have changed a lot in the last 28 years, one thing has remained the same – great marketing paired with a winning offer leads to increased customer loyalty and sales.

Email marketing works extremely well for restaurants because it is a great way to communicate with a large portion of your existing customer base quickly. These marketing messages connect with customers in their email inbox and direct them to take action right away by ordering online or calling your restaurant. Not to mention, email marketing is a relatively inexpensive technique and is widely regarded to have the highest return on investment of any marketing channel.

Below are some examples of email campaigns that we designed to get our client’s message out to their database effectively and beautifully. Could yours be next?

Using animation in email captures the reader’s attention, modernizes material, and allows you to convey your story in a more interactive way. It allows for a more visually engaging moment while emphasizing specific offers or messages. Beautifully designed animations can increase the aesthetic level of your emails and gain user loyalty and ultimately increase your open rates. 

Have a new menu item? Send an email about it! Customers love hearing the latest news about their favorite restaurant. This is the perfect time to include information about your restaurant’s hours for the weekend as well.

Balance text with images to avoid being tossed aside. Great images support your message, help your materials standout, and can even elicit a positive emotional response (such as hunger). Think about ads that leave an impression on you. Maybe you are thinking of a juicy burger that made your mouth water. Maybe you’re thinking about an image of a restaurant full of happy patrons. The images you choose merit careful consideration.

Everyone loves a great deal, and emails are the easiest way to share your offer with your whole customer list at once! This email was created to highlight a restaurant’s family meal packages available to go. 

While having an offer isn’t necessarily required, it can help drive a sense of urgency for your call-to-action. It is what makes the recipient stop and take the time to look at your emails time and time again. Great offers should be clear, concise, and compelling.

Keep things simple; less is more when it comes to designing emails. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the more you include, the more someone has to process and the less likely it is they take the time to take in your entire email. Leave them wanting more.

The goal is to drive action. Get your recipient’s attention, deliver the essential information and the means to learn more and complete your desired action.

Think about the emails that you frequently open because you like to look at them. If your target audience opens all of your emails, reads them, and clicks on the buttons–you know it’s working!

Want to take advantage of this successful marketing medium? Our email experts are standing by to get your campaign off the ground. The best part is that we do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is decide what you’d like to say to your customers, and we handle the rest.

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