We’re all in the memory business | Guest post by Joel Cohen

[Editor’s Note: Joel Cohen, founder of RestaurantMarketing.com, has specialized in “Nothing But Restaurant Marketing. ” for the past 35 years. From the pioneering days of developing programs that introduced McDonald’s Breakfast Entrees, Quarter Pounders and Drive-thru’s to the world, to today’s high tech database and restaurant Internet marketing concepts, Joel Cohen has established himself as a premier, no-nonsense, cutting-edge restaurant-hospitality marketer.]

No, it’s not Facebook; no it’s not direct mail. It’s “memories.”

We’re all in the memory business – make sure your customers have a great, memorable experience in your restaurant.

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Why is this so critical to your future success? Simply your customers, like yourself, are on “information overload.” Over the past ten years, the amount of information we get is overwhelming. There’s only so much room in our memory banks.

Ask any customer to name the last five restaurants he/she’s been to in the last month and they’ll only be able to answer three to four at best. It’s a struggle to answer five.

What does that mean?We’re all in the memory business – making sure your customers have a great memorable experience in your restaurant. Joel Cohen.

If your restaurant is not in your customer’s memory bank, you’re off their radar. You’ve been replaced! Your restaurant will not be remembered. So it’s critical to understand you’re in the memory-making business. And if you’re not making memories – I’m not talking about the birthdays, anniversaries etc – I’m talking about the small things that matter – then you’re not going to be remembered. You NEED to get your customers to remember you.

When 80% of buying experiences are based on emotional intangibles – the level of how your customers feel they are being treated, making memories as a strategy just can’t be ignored.

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The late great poet, Angelou Mayo said it best, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did – but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Next Steps: Making memories is your exclusive secret weapon to success. Put your focus into making memories now so your customers will always remember you and your implanted in their memory banks, ensuring repeat visits.


Joel Cohen
[email protected]

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