Keep your car count up with Back to School specials

It’s July, and you are probably asking “why is ATI Coach Mike talking about the kids going back to school”?

Well, traditionally the end of August through first part of September can be a real lull in business. Let’s face it, this is a traditional time when vehicle repair and maintenance is pretty low on the family budget and attention totem pole.

If you want to maintain decent car count, this is an opportune time of year to send out a “Back to School” active customer base special.

Now is time to start preparing as you have about 6 weeks till the reality of the season hits us. Whether you want to do this in-house or have a company handle for you, you need to get working. Please see the sample of a special I have used at my shop as well as a great example from a fellow ATI shop owner. Feel free to use as you will or come up with something on your own.

Whether you use traditional mail or email, you need to be prepared and start to work on this.

[Editor’s Note: As a coach, Mike Bennett brings a unique skill set to ATI. As a technician, current shop owner and ATI graduate, Mike has a perspective of a shared common experience with his ATI client/partners. Mike firmly believes that your success as a shop owner comes not from just working the “longer-harder” plan, but from education, training and a successful partnership with a coach & organization that truly has the tools to put its clients in control of, and on the path to, prosperity, success, independence & happiness in business and in life. ]

back to school with ATI coach oil change exampleback to school with ATI coach

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