How to Grow Your Email Marketing Database

With the prevalence of spam, people have become more and more hesitant about giving out their email addresses. This can make it difficult to grow your  email marketing database.

To entice customers to opt in, follow the simple tips to grow your email marketing database:

– Reward customers for signing up. As they sign up, give your customer a percentage or dollar amount off their total bill. This small discount in the beginning will pay off exponentially in the long run!

– Always have email sign-up cards available for customers to enroll in the program. Have them on tables and counters all around your business.You can even give them out with sales receipts.

– Make sure all of your employees are on board with the program. If your staff isn’t emphasizing the value of the program to customers, it will be less likely that your customers will give their email addresses.

– Ensure your customers that you will never sell, distribute or spam their email address. This will give customers a sense of relief that only you will be emailing them.

The more customers you have in your database, the more successful your email promotions will be. Try to grow your database every day, and stay on top of your employees to make sure they are too!

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