Email Marketing The Ultimate Tried and True

Email marketing is the ultimate tried and true – and it’s not going away any time soon.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ultimate tried and true – and it’s not going away any time soon.  In fact, if your business doesn’t utilize this digital strategy already or effectively, it is highly recommended that you get a plan in motion by 2020.  What does email marketing do for you and your company?

Builds & Maintains A Strong Business Foundation

At email marketing’s core, it is reliable, constant and creates a solid foundation for your business to operate.  Studies done by Custora and eMarketer show that this process is more effective in the acquisition of new customers than that of social media.  (You read that right!)  Developing this base for your company is the key to high conversion rates and your return on investment.  The more subscribers that you’re able to collect, retain and maintain, the better you can consistently bolster your business model or product to the right people.

Helps Patrons Feel Important & Drives Sales

Social media advertising can be cold and impersonal, but email marketing can enhance your relevancy.  In perspective, when you post on social media, you’re sharing to an entire group, meanwhile, when you email someone, it is direct and individualized.  Think about it: How many times has your feed been overwhelmed with sponsored ads that don’t appeal to you?  Plenty, we’re sure!  Emails that your patrons have opted in for can be customized and personalized, allowing your company to let them know that you care about what matters to them – and that is imperative to keeping their interest.

Tailoring your campaign to include a recipient’s name in the subject line can boost open rates by as much as 26%, according to Campaign Monitor, proving these seemingly small details are truly a BIG deal.  Your email database can also be segmented by various factors such as geographic location, interests or demographic information.  A Nielsen study also showed that 27% of those who sign up for emails, do so in order to save money, so keep this factor in mind – add in those deals and coupons!

Keeps Company Costs Low & Saves Time

Email marketing is budget friendly, with a wide array of software services and price points available.  Take this into consideration when it comes to other forms of marketing, such as direct mail and ad purchases, which are costly.  The Direct Marketing Association reports that for every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign, $40 will be generated as a result, so investing in email marketing is the lucrative way to go.  Not only are you saving big bucks, you are saving time by taking advantage of email automation.  Gone are the days of waiting for the perfect day and time to send your communication.  Schedule it advance and free yourself to continue working on the other important factors of your business.

Engages Consumers Anywhere & Everywhere

Reaching your audience shouldn’t be difficult – and it isn’t.  Did you know that two thirds of consumers read their emails on mobile devices?  How often do you check your phone while standing in line, traveling or during awkward moments in conversation?  Forrester Research determined that 59% of retailer’s email campaigns are opened by customers on their phones and tablets combined and 85% of Generation Z reports that they prefer to use email over other forms of communication, with this number expected to grow.  Now back to what we mentioned earlier – get that email marketing plan ready by 2020 so that you can take advance of this increase!

Measures & Improves Marketing Efforts

You’ve designed an email and sent it out to your database – now what?  Email marketing allows you to measure your efforts by reviewing the metrics and analytics of your campaign.  Tracking your open rate, unopened rate, click through rate, unsubscribes and bounces are key in figuring out if you did the job right.  Chances are, you realized you forgot something really important – or – subscribers aren’t clicking or seeing the content you want to drive them to.  That’s okay!  Testing the placement, time of the day, day of the week and time of the year are significant in determining if your email was successful and helps you make adjustments to improve the next.

It’s no surprise that email marketing is important and still very relevant.  It builds a strong foundation for your business, helps keep your consumers engaged and feel important which drives sales, keeps your company costs low and saves you time by removing the guesswork.

Ready to dive in to email marketing and perfect your strategy?  Drop us a line and one of our expert marketing consultants will help you build your foundation and get your campaign to the right people.

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