Skin in the Game : A Digital Marketing Case Study

The Skindustry Expo, hosting its 12th annual tattoo convention, wanted to increase attendance for their event in two months. See how we did it!
Skindustry Expo Case Study


The digital marketing team at Moving Targets was called upon by the Skindustry Expo. Skindustry was hosting its 12th annual tattoo convention and wanted to encourage individuals to attend the expo that was taking place in two months.

As of January 2019, Skindustry Expo had 8,106 Page Likes on Facebook and had little reach and engagement on their Facebook Page. As of January 24, 2019, weren’t any posts on Skindustry’s Facebook Page and Instagram Page since August 2018.


It was clear that Skindustry would highly benefit from interactive, eye-catching content and also ads promoting their upcoming event. The best way to gauge interest in Skindustry’s 12th annual convention was to set up Facebook Events. After setting up a three-day Facebook Event, the results showed that over 1,500 people were “interested” or “going” to the Skindustry Expo.

Skindustry Expo Case Study

Because there was a high interest in the tattoo convention via Facebook Events, the team at Moving Targets also suggested using Eventbrite to encourage online ticket sales. The individuals at Skindustry told the digital team at Moving Targets that their goal was to sell 20 tickets online. The web development team at Moving Targets created a custom landing page that led potential convention goers to Skindustry’s Eventbrite page to purchase online tickets.

Skindustry Expo Case Study

The ads used for Skindustry were a combination of conversion ads, remarketing ads, and traffic ads. The ads used for Skindustry redirected individuals to either Skindustry’s website or their landing page to purchase tickets.

Skindustry Eventbrite Case Study

Apart from ads, another major component in Skindustry’s marketing strategy was the content being posted to their page. Posting various types of tattoo memes, event information, and interactive content worked best with their goal. In order to boost this new client’s social media presence and overall brand awareness, Moving Targets knew that generic content just wasn’t going to cut it. This is why the content team created custom graphics and visuals that fit the tone and personality of Skindustry.

Skindustry Expo Case Study

The final component of Skindustry’s marketing strategy for their convention was an email blast reminding interested individuals when the expo was taking place and where they could find tickets. The email campaign produced a sense of urgency and urged convention-goers to mark their calendar and buy their tickets!


In two short months of working with Moving Targets, Skindustry has gained over 240 Page Likes. After running ads for and consistently posting content, Skindustry Expo’s Post Reach has grown by 15%. Skindustry’s Post Engagement is now at 14,206 which is a 72% increase. Skindustry’s Recommendations took off astronomically and have an increase of 2150%. The Page Followers for Skindustry Expo has also grown by 25%!

Skindustry Expo’s initial goal for online ticket sales through Eventbrite was set at 20 tickets. With a combination of stellar ads, content, remarketing, and email; the team at Moving Targets beat Skindustry’s ticket sales goal and sold 135 tickets!

Skindustry Expo Case Study

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