Is Facebook Business Pages replacing websites?

Is Facebook Business Pages replacing websites?is Facebook Business Pages replacing websites?

YES – Most of your customers probably have a Facebook page – and they spend 22% of their time there. We get the question frequently from prospects, is Facebook business pages replacing websites? The platform is mobile-friendly, and people know exactly where to find the information they need, so they are more likely to search for you on Facebook. Also, it’s much cheaper to maintain a Facebook page than a website, and you can have almost all the same features.

NO – If you are hardcore about organic SEO, you need to have a website. Google and Bing will rank your Facebook page higher only if you have a great amount of interaction. Also, Facebook limits the amount of information and design you can put into your page – you can only have 6 tabs/apps and if you have no clue about HTML, you might not be able to present your services/products well.

Bottom Line: Use both. While the website can be a better tool to present your business, Facebook will help you build relationships and trust – the best way to boost loyalty and keep customers.

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