Top 10 reasons why small businesses should have a Facebook Business Page

Everyone tells you that your business should be on Facebook.

Why do you need a Facebook business page and not use a personal page?

But you don’t understand how it works, how you can measure it and you don’t have the time to learn about it, so why bother, right? Well, there are a thousand reasons why you should invest in Facebook marketing, but I’ll list the top 10 here for you (based on the list made by Victorino Abrugar, founder of Business Tip):

1. Showcase your product and services:

Facebook has over 900 million users, and it is a very user-friendly platform. You can upload photos, videos, or anything to show off your products and/or services.

2. Convenience for your customers:

Most, if not all, of your customers probably have a Facebook profile, and while they are online, hanging out with their friends on Facebook, they can also check out your information and interact with you – a great way to boost customer loyalty.

3. Strengthens trust and relationship with customers:

On Facebook, you’ll be able to keep a conversation with your customers, which makes them trust your business on a more personal level.

4. It gives you important marketing insights:

Through its Insights feature, Facebook gives you a lot of numbers that will help you to understand your market better and how to get more from it.

5. Manage your social media reputation:

On Facebook, you have total control over all the information posted and shared, which gives you the opportunity to protect yourself from false accusations.

6. Works as a webpage for your business:

Facebook is mobile-friendly and users know exactly where to find the information they need, so it is more likely that they will search for you there first. Also, it’s much cheaper to maintain a Facebook page than a website, and you can have almost all the same features.

7. Make important announcements:

Social media is the fastest way to get your word out there and reach your customers. And because you built a relationship with them, they will know the information is official and should be trusted.

8. Indexed by search engines:

If you get a good amount of interaction on Facebook, search engines will pick it up, and it will make it easier for people to find you.

9. It helps you win the business competition:

If you have a Facebook page and your competitors don’t, you have an extra opportunity to engage with customers and keep their loyalty. But if your competitors are on Facebook and you are not, you are probably losing business to them.

10.   Boost your sales and profitability:

Using Facebook as one more marketing channel will definitely keep you on the customer’s mind. Also, because you are maintaining a relationship with them, you will be their first choice when they need something.

Note that Facebook alone won’t make your business profitable – it is a combination of your online and offline relationships that will attract new customers and make existing customers come back.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of having a Facebook page, check out Abrugar’s whole list:  “20 Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for Your Business.” Looking to get started? We can set your business up on Facebook and help you manage posting, reviews and comments. Contact a consultant to learn more!

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