Getting Social Media Marketing Right

Getting social media marketing right

Social media is somewhat of a double-edged sword these days. On one hand, the channels present affordable, somewhat straightforward opportunities for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to interact with current and prospective clientele in a highly effective fashion. On the other, social media marketing is incredibly novel, and it takes some serious trial and error, as well as plenty of research and planning, to be able to gain substantive value. In that same vein, companies that do not put in their due diligence ahead of social media campaign launches can do significant damage to their brands.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success in their social media endeavors.

Knowing what not to do

Charles Dearing, writing for PromotionWorld, recently listed some of the more common mistakes companies will make in their social media strategies, affirming that they are all very easy to avoid. First and foremost, he pointed out that research indicates revenues from social media activity are supposed to reach just under $10 billion this year, and that figure will only continue to rise as time goes on and the channels become more prominent battlegrounds in retail and other industries.

According to the author, entrepreneurs must know their target markets very well, and ensure that every campaign – and post therein – is positively aligned with the preferences, desires and expectations of these groups. When they do not, the chances of garnering revenues from these activities will be inherently low, and the brand could even lose some of its customers given how selective consumers are today.

Dearing went on to suggest always working in a short-term setup in social media campaigns, though never losing sight of the long-term goals of the brand. He argued that a common mistake is to release information regarding product promotions too early, which could be a symptom of not having the right focus on short-term campaigns. Striking the right balance is not easy at first, but can be achieved when leaders are properly managing strategies.

Take a lesson from winners

FOX News recently published a blog from contributor Jayson DeMers regarding the startup businesses that have had exceptional success with their social media marketing campaigns thus far. DeMers stated that one such brand is a messaging app called Operator, which has built a strong following through its consistent publishing of informative content across Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.

When companies go dark on social media, they’ll be more likely to lose followers, while the content they are publishing must always have some value to convert and retain customers, for that matter. Operator appears to be one of the better brands at this particular social media practice. The author then pointed to Magic Leap, which has been releasing plenty of content about the concepts behind augmented and virtual reality technology. What separates it from other brands, DeMers asserted, is that it has not even begun to promote its particular product. Rather, it is leveraging social media to generate interest in the technology at large, priming the customer base for the actual release.

He affirmed that this is a great way to “build anticipation,” which is one of the fundamental keys to social media marketing success.

Remember, in addition to acting as a marketing tool, social media is still one of the best ways to boost retention of clientele, and all entrepreneurs should be actively working to use the platforms and channels as such.

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