Going Beyond Facebook and Instagram for Marketing

If you think marketing begins and ends at Facebook and Instagram, you’re missing out. Even with their large audiences, it is important to experiment with other forms of marketing to get the best bang for your buck.
Alternative social media advertising

If you think marketing begins and ends at Facebook and Instagram, you’re missing out. A lot of younger business owners make this mistake. Since Facebook and Instagram have such large audiences, it’s tempting to set up your entire social media marketing strategy around those two networks.

But as algorithms change and both social media juggernauts begin to charge more per sponsored post, as well as limit organic reach, you may want to experiment with other forms of marketing. Depending on what kind of business you run, you may get even better results using something else.

Consider Spotify ads.

Audio ads capture attention in a world where people are often multi-tasking but are always connected. Digital audio advertisements are a cost-effective alternative to “traditional” radio placements that give marketers the ability to reach a much younger audience. By using personal music experience platforms such as Spotify and Pandora, you can foster a quality advertising environment where you’ll make meaningful connections with your audience.

Just like other digital platforms, you can target your audience using the platforms’ first-party demographic and behavioral segments. With Spotify and Pandora ads, you can see what works and what doesn’t, and make data-driven decisions so your message can break through the clutter.

… or try Waze.

Reach people when they are on the go near your business location with a local ad experience. If you are unfamiliar with Waze, this maps and directions app is owned by Google and is home to over 100 million monthly active users. Since Waze is a digital app, you will know exactly how many potential customers engaged with your ads.

…or try direct mail.

Obviously, this isn’t technically a social media platform, but we’re big fans of direct mail at Moving Targets, and that’s not surprising. Direct mail helps local businesses get absolutely massive returns on investment which is why it’s worth mentioning.

With direct mail, your message can arrive in multiple mailboxes every day. And with internet integration, you can track the effectiveness of every single campaign. If you’re interested in seeing what kind of results you can get from direct mail, reach out to us today.

…or retargeting banner ads.

Do you ever shop somewhere, and then notice an advertisement for the website you visited? That’s because marketing technology has gotten more sophisticated and marketers have very advanced tracking capabilities at their disposal.

As people move across the internet, they leave “digital breadcrumbs.” These breadcrumbs are picked up by networks that then serve advertisements based on people’s interests, or what they’ve been looking for.

It may sound complicated, but it’s relatively easy to get your ads on these networks.

Retargeting customers may leave them feeling stalked, but it can mean big wins for your business. Retargeting helps keep your business top of mind, can spur additional sales with no extra effort, and is an effective way to help you build your web presence.

Are you using the best social media network for your business?

Even though Facebook and Instagram dominate the social media scene and likely will for many years to come, there are other social media sites that may be better suited to your business or message.

For example, if you own a service business like a tax preparer, you may want to invest your efforts in LinkedIn. Service providers, especially ones that provide services to businesses niche, can often be found on LinkedIn, where they advertise directly to serious business professionals.

If you want to use copy more than pictures, Twitter is also a good site. Unlike Instagram, with its constant emphasis on pictures, or Facebook, which favors image-rich posts, Twitter is home to plenty of brands that communicate their thoughts almost exclusively through text.

At the end of the day, you — not Facebook or Instagram — own your business. And it always pays to have more than one marketing channel.

If you’d like a free consultation to decide which platforms are right for your business, or to learn more about any of the above platforms, contact us or give us a call at 800.926.2451- we’re happy to help.

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