Stacking Up The Results: Social Media Marketing Case Study

Plumeria Cafe by Stacks needed to build a following online and Moving Targets was able to help by using targeted social media advertising.
Social Media Case Study - Plumeria by Stacks


Plumeria Cafe by Stacks is a breakfast and brunch restaurant in Laguna Niguel, California. They required help from Moving Targets to build their online presence and get the word out that Stacks Pancake House has opened a new sister store in Laguna Niguel. The team at Moving Targets was tasked with creating their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to induce brand awareness online.

Plumeria Cafe by Stacks


Since Plumeria Cafe by Stacks is affiliated with the ever-popular Stacks Pancake House restaurants, located throughout California, the team at Moving Targets knew how to capitalize on this existing audience.

The team at Moving Targets instantly knew that the first step was to create Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for Plumeria Cafe by Stacks. Another component to Plumeria Cafe by Stacks’ marketing plan was to utilize Facebook ads.

To build an audience and gain a customer following, several social media ads were set up for Plumeria Cafe by Stacks. The team decided to run Facebook Page Like ads, starting in January of 2017, in order to achieve the best results.

In addition to running ads, the team at Moving Targets found it best to post pictures of their food, quotes and interactive content three times a week on their social pages. Having a consistent posting schedule allowed current and future followers to see the page was active and their business was up and running.

Stacks Facebook Ads
Stacks Facebook Ads


Since teaming up with Moving Targets, Plumeria Cafe by Stacks has seen tremendous results. Within the first three months of running ads, Plumeria Cafe by Stacks saw an increase in Page Likes by 92%. As of February 2019, the team has increased Page Likes by 318%. Plumeria Cafe by Stacks currently has 1,487 Page Likes and 1,539 Page Followers.

Plumeria Facebook Results

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