How to interact with your customers on social media

So do you think you’ve got social media all figured out? Think again. Dealing with your customers online can be very different from dealing with them in person – and that isn’t just because it is a different type of interaction, but also because customers have different expectations when it comes to online relationships. Social media can be a very powerful tool to boost customer loyalty, but you need to do it right.

To help you understand how this process should happen, Sam Keninger, Product Marketer for Medalia, points out

7 rules to follow when responding to customers on social media:

  1. BE TIMELY: everyone is watching what you do online, so make sure you respond to good and bad comments – it shows existing customers how involved you are and helps you to get new customers.
  2.  DON’T AUTO RESPOND: customers knows when you use automated responses – and they don’t like it. Customers want to feel that a real person is listening to them.
  3. LEAVE IT TO THE FRONTLINE: the people that are closest to your customers are the best at interacting with them – they understand the customers’ needs and know the business’ goals, so they’ll be better at combining both.
  4. DON’T GET PERSONAL: keep your professional tone and never -ever- get into a fight online. Google “Boners Barbecue” for a great example of what NOT to do in social media.
  5. KEEP THE RESPONSES SHORT: Social media platforms are built for skimming and quick conversations. Don’t kill the mood.
  6. THANK THE CUSTOMER: embrace social feedback and thank your customer for pointing out an issue – it makes your business look good, and the customer feels great about it.
  7. FIX ISSUES: Walking the walk is crucial to the success of your customer experience management campaign and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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