Best Practices for a Highly Effective Postcard Marketing Campaign

Postcards can be an extremely cost-effective and powerful component in your direct mail arsenal. Learn how postcard marketing can help grow your business.
Post Card Marketing

Direct mail continues to be the comeback kid. Everyone likes getting mail when it’s personalized, valuable, aesthetically pleasing, relevant – and not bills. Each year, people claim that direct mail is dead. Each year, direct mail continues to prove them wrong by being one of the most successful marketing tactics out there. It manages to stay on top by sticking to tried-and-tested methods.

Postcards can be an extremely cost-effective and powerful component in your direct mail arsenal. They can be utilized to almost any business with an unparalleled targeting approach. Consequently, you would be remiss to not include postcards in your marketing strategy.

So, what steps can you take to create compelling, impactful direct mail piece that promotes your business? Read on to see what we recommend.

Simple and straightforward design

In a world filled with digital chaos, complexity, and instability, many audiences are seeking simplicity. Keep your message short, concise and authentic, maximize white space and use a clean, simple layout. Remember, less is more. Simple doesn’t mean bland, use high-quality images and graphics that will catch your customer’s eye and draw them to read your message.

Choose Vivid/Lively Words

Using vivid and lively words gives your readers a way to picture or visualize what you are saying. This will keep them engaged with your message. Take full advantage of painting a picture that makes your reader use all their senses. For example, they should be able to taste the cool strawberry infused water, hear the rainwater beat down on the rooftop, smell the deep-roasted coffee beans, or feel the bite of the cold wintry weather. Once you’ve created vivid and lively words that paint a picture in the minds of your readers, they will be hard-pressed to forget your brand.

Use an Active Voice

Use an active voice to build excitement. There’s nothing worse than having to read something, and it’s dull and boring. Make your words come alive to your readers to keep them engaged. The following are a few samples of active voice versus passive voice:

  • We are going to a recital this weekend. (active voice)
  • A recital is going to be attended by us. (passive voice)
  • The CEO read the report over the weekend. (active voice)
  • The report was read by the CEO over the weekend. (passive voice)
  • Lucy cleaned the entire office. (active voice)
  • The entire office was cleaned by Lucy. (passive voice)

Writing in the active voice is much more clear and direct. It also strengthens your writing and reduces vagueness and long-windedness. Plus, active content is easier to read and will engage your readers longer. On the other hand, passive voice is wordier and vague; however, this is not to say they are not useful. It just depends on what you’re writing and who you’re writing to.

Go BIG to stand out from the crowd

Postcards already boast some of the best return on investment for direct mail marketing, add in a larger size that demands attention in the mailbox, and you’ve hit a postcard marketing jackpot. It’s been proven that larger postcards have a higher conversion rate — presumably because they’re more intriguing and get viewed more often. You can’t get a response if your postcard gets lost in a stack of mail and goes unnoticed. Paired with a strong visual component, a larger postcard is more likely to get picked from the pile of mail and read.

Targeted Mailing

Personalization is essential in any marketing campaign, and direct mail is no exception. This allows your message to better resonate with the recipients, but it also allows you to cut costs. By only sending out to those who are most likely to buy, you waste less money on mailing to people that won’t be a good fit for your business, generate more sales, and increase your profit.

Want to see what we can do for you? Moving Targets has been helping businesses like yours grow with postcard marketing for years. Capture more customers and grow your business — contact us today!

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