Why choose a targeted direct mail strategy over a cheaper blanket approach?

If your business is very small or niche, it’s possible you’ll be able to get by with just one central mailing list, but larger enterprises or those that sell a variety of different products or services might want to look into segmentation.Direct Mail Marketing Stats 2015

The more targeted a direct mail campaign, the greater the revenue opportunity associated with it. Why? Simply put, people respond more favorably to things that are relevant to them. After all, male clients may not appreciate receiving direct mail promoting your upcoming sale on makeup and beauty products – even though men’s skin can benefit from exfoliation too!

But what about the cost factor? There’s no denying the fact that it’s cheaper to launch blanket mailing campaigns resulting in everyone on your list receiving the exact same marketing collateral – but that brings up the question of whether those upfront savings are worth it in the long run.

Turning the tables

You’re familiar with playing the role of marketer, but let’s turn the tables for a minute. Say you fairly frequently receive direct mail promoting a company from which you’ve made a purchase in the past. If, in your experience, the correspondence tends to be general enough to apply to the entire customer base (for instance, a coupon offering 20 percent off any item) or specific enough to apply to your individual interests, you’re likely to pause and pay attention to it as you’re sifting through your mail. However, if you usually find the content to be pretty irrelevant, there’s a much higher chance that the mailing will end up in the trash, sometimes without you so much as taking the time to read it. Once you get to the point of barely looking at the correspondence before you toss it, you’re officially a disengaged recipient – and you might actually miss out on news or deals you care about as a result.

The direct mail strategy bottom line

Ultimately, if you launch a targeted direct mail marketing campaign, people are more likely to read what you send them. That means the message you’re trying to get out there has a better chance of being received, piquing people’s interest and driving traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar stores. The upfront costs associated with targeted mailing may be higher than those of the blanket approach, but the former is a much more solid long-term investment.

Our marketing consultants are standing by to help craft a targeted direct mail campaign that will get results that will speak for themselves. Whether you want to want to target based on age, income, location, or life event, we can reach your ideal customer.

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