What we can Learn from Budweiser’s America Campaign

What we can Learn from Budweiser’s America CampaignBrand recognition is key in the world of digital marketing. When we think of the most visible brands in the world, the look and feel of their products and logos are what pop up into our heads first.    

The psychology behind ensuring that customers recognize your brand hinges on the notion that familiarity leads to trust. When your customers are able to identify your business by merely looking at colors and images, you have successfully made your brand familiar to them. Branding and consistency are so important when it comes to digital marketing because people are inherently skeptical. While it is hard to become trusted enough that customers immediately suspend their disbelief when they receive an email from your business, strategic design can make you more familiar in their eyes and keep your brand fresh in their brains. When you design consistent marketing material and your customers can identify your brand, it allows you to get more inventive with your design when appropriate.

Take Budweiser’s America campaign.

This is a prime example of a company that has successfully developed such strong brand awareness that they are capable of changing their name to America. This is because they spent years inundating the public with the notion that Budweiser is inherently American. That Budweiser logo etched in blue script font is so iconic that it no longer even matters whether or not the logo actually says “Budweiser”. This is a brilliant move by Budweiser. Who’s not going to have cans of beer that say America on them at their July 4th cook out?

And this brilliant move is a direct result of consistent marketing on Budweiser’s part, as they have been packaging their beer in limited edition stars and stripes cans for the past few summers now. Small businesses can take a page from their book and tailor seasonal designs to promote a unique annual marketing campaign that keeps their brand fresh in the minds’ of their customers.


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