Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to MillennialsUnderstand them or not, Millennials are a huge market for marketing. According to Entrepreneur contributor Sujan Patel, the generation spanning in age from 18 to 34 known as Millennials wield a staggering $1.3 trillion in annual buying power.

Clearly, it is important to nail your marketing materials aimed at Millennials. But marketing to a whole generation can be difficult, especially considering how diverse this demographic is. Patel reported that about 43 percent are non-white and nearly 25 percent of Millennials speak a foreign language at home.

So, how do you target such a wide-reaching group of people with your marketing efforts? We’ve created a list of five major selling points or trend that we guarantee most Millennials will love.

Engage: Millennials are all about forming a relationship with the brands they love. Engaging your customers via different platforms is key when seeking out the business of Millennials. Whether it is responding directly to their Facebook reviews or replying to a tweet, keeping a line of conversation open between you and your customers is crucial for this generation. Patel noted that once you engage a customer base they can help you out past their individual purchases, considering 95 percent of Millennials trust their friend’s review of a business above any other source. So, engage one customer and the potential for a whole network of new customers lies at your feet. Sounds like some pretty good marketing ROI to us.

Get personal: According to Business 2 Community contributor Laura Klebanow, Millennial consumers want to see themselves in the things they purchase. This means personalization in marketing is key. To achieve this goal, business leaders need to crunch some numbers. Turn to the data you have been collecting in the past. From there, create marketing campaigns with a personal twist. If Millennials crave your specialty pizza, send out an email blast to that demographic letting them know you’ve noticed and showcase next week’s special. In a world where big data reins supreme, Millennials expect these personalized pitches from marketing efforts – use that to your advantage.

Go mobile: The trend has been set for marketing on mobile but it resonates especially with Millennials. Just consider this: 85 percent of people in this age bracket own a smartphone. So, when it comes to Millennial marketing, mobile is a must, explained Patel. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run out and create an app – rather that you need to check in on things like this:

[icon name=”mobile” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Is your website optimized for the web?

[icon name=”mobile” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Is your call to action clear on a smartphone-sized screen?

[icon name=”mobile” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Is your ordering page functional on a phone or are loading times excruciating?

Once you’ve got the basics out of the way, try to get creative. Invest your marketing efforts into mobile-centric moves. From social media advertisements where your content automatically optimizes for mobile to the occasional email newsletter that can easily be read on a phone, keep mobile in mind for all your Millennial marketing tactics.

Let your authenticity shine: There is nothing more important to Millennials than authenticity. This demographic wants to engage with thoughtful content that has an authentic brand voice to boot, explained Klebanow. Remember, this is the age group that wants to feel like they are friends with your business. Make your marketing efforts convey this authenticity. A good start might come in the form of some promo videos about your staff to let your audience inside your business and let them get to know you by name. The more authentic the better when it comes to Millennial marketing.

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