Grow your SMB with these marketing tips

Grow your SMB with these marketing tipsMarketing is useful for a handful of reasons, but perhaps the most important is marketing’s ability to grow your SMB. Small businesses can gain a lot from deploying strategic marketing tactics. Whether it is new customer acquisition or increased sales, there is little to no harm involved in joining the marketing game. We have compiled a list of six key ways small businesses can use marketing to expand their business reach.

Think outside the box

Marketing is a pretty broad term. Of course the most standard forms of marketing are popular for good reason, but has your SMB ever considered some good old fashioned face-to-face marketing? Huffington Post contributor Jonha Revesencio suggested taking a unique approach to marketing by hosting a community event. Make personal connections with community members. Try handing out branded freebies for attendees to bring home. An enjoyable experience can go a long way for customer loyalty and acquisition. If you don’t have the capacity to host an event try and take part in community gatherings. Grow your business and it’s visibility with these community appearances.

Increase visibility with SEO

An investment in SEO is a smart move for business visibility. When it comes to online experiences with a business, 93 percent of them begin with a search engine, reported HubSpot. Proper optimization of your web pages can result in increased traffic and higher rankings on search pages. Visibility is key for business growth. Make the most of your online presence by restructuring your pages with SEO best practices in mind.

Make your website a priority

Speaking of online presence, how often is your company’s website updated? If the answer is anything other than constantly, you have some serious work to do.

“When a website is professionally designed and marketed, it’s like having a store that is in the middle of Oxford Street or Fifth Avenue,” explained marketing expert Jim Connolly on his marketing blog. “Most small business websites are more like stores that are on an unused dirt road in the middle of nowhere. They are outdated and poorly marketed, when they could be so much more valuable to the business owner.”

Websites have the ability to generate sales and leads on a near-constant basis at little cost to you. Customers increasingly turn to the Web to do research on a business before committing to its products, noted Connolly. In order to help your SMB grow you should make some serious investments in building or refining your company website.

Create a call to action

So, you have a marketing technique but you’re not seeing the growth you want. Chances are you are neglecting one key marketing tactic: a call to action. While it may feel awkward to bark orders at your customers, the method has been proven effective. You know the saying: ask and you shall receive. HubSpot’s Dan Zarella did some research on the effectiveness of CTAs and found that across the board they generated more action. For example, tweets including the CTA “please retweet” received 40 percent more retweets than those without any CTA. Don’t be scared to give your followers a little push in the right direction. Shares on social media have the potential to draw new customers to your business.


Blogging is the name of the game in 2015. Customers like companies that can provide them with some thought leadership. In fact, companies with blogs reel in 77 percent more traffic than those without, reported HubSpot. Moreover, these blogs increase social sharing. The source reported that there are 97 percent more links to companies with blogs. Blogging can be a fun and easy way to grow your business. As a leader in your company you are obviously full of insider knowledge, whether you recognize it or not. Share your insights alongside company updates to increase website traffic.

Invest in marketing

Perhaps the most important advice we can give when it comes to marketing is to recognize when you need some help. Marketing is an invaluable tool for any company but only if it’s used correctly. If you’re struggling to pin down an effective strategy to aid in business growth seek out a marketing provider. There are plenty of companies that are trained experts in this exact field. Growth is critical to the success of any business. Don’t stunt your growth just because you are too stubborn to ask for help.

Marketing provides small businesses with a low-cost tool to spark considerable business growth.

The key to any marketing strategy is to remain vigilant, a consistent effort combined with these six quick tips can help your SMB get well on its way to improved business growth in no time.

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