Improve your video marketing with these quick tips

video marketing statsVideo is king in the world of marketing content. This is not so surprising when you consider how entertaining and engaging videos can be. In November, we overviewed a study by Business 2 Community that highlighted the key advantages of video marketing. From increased website traffic to improved brand awareness, the benefits of including video in your marketing strategy are seemingly endless. No wonder 96 percent of respondents in the survey claimed to have engaged their business in video marketing.

With such a high number of businesses taking advantage of video content, it is critical not only to include videos in your marketing strategy but to excel at it.

That is why we have compiled a list of quick tips to help SMBs improve on the effectiveness of video marketing.

1. Put in the planning work: Being prepared is always beneficial when approaching video content. It sets you and your company up for success. Think of it this way: would your rather aim for a target after weeks of training or step up to the plate blind and hope for the best?

Planning begins with asking yourself some key questions about your goals and audience. What do you want this video to accomplish? What kind of customers are you hoping to attract? Etc. The answers to these questions will help guide a lot of the content for your upcoming video campaign. It is also helpful to do your fair share of research regarding what channels are best for distribution. Doing the heavy work up front can make the creation process a whole lot smoother.

2. SEO is still your friend: Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is just as important for videos as it is for written content. Improving your SEO practices can help make your video much more visible on the Web. Obviously, this is important for any marketing content because it helps improve engagement rates and conversion.

According to Pardot, there are a few ways to help twist the odds in your favor. For starters, marketers should make sure to include keywords wherever possible with a special emphasis on the title, description and tags. Additionally, when creating a video you should pay extra attention to title length. Make sure they are no more than 50 characters in order to avoid weird cut offs on hosting pages, explained the source.

3. Keep it simple: When it comes to videos, the best formula is short and sweet. Video Brewery reported that 20 percent of viewers click off a video in 10 seconds or less, according to a study done by Visible Measures. Moreover, most videos lose one third of their viewers by 30 seconds, 45 percent of audience members after 40 seconds and a startling 60 percent of viewers by the 2 minute marker.

In order to keep your customers’ attention you need to create videos that are short and to the point. Make sure to get your message across early in the video so viewers who dip out fast will still have a sense of what your company is trying to say. It’s no surprise that in this fast-paced digital landscape attention spans are low, so cater to this fact and your videos will be sure to thrive.

4. Don’t forget your CTA: Don’t let the screen fade to black at the close of your video. It is an unfitting end to what we are sure was an exceptional video. You have presumably presented some cool new information that has your audience excited about what your business has to offer.

The logical next step is to lead them to your website or store location. End your video with a link or an address and let them know what to do. For example, if you create a video featuring your newest pizza options, provide a pop-up link at the end of your video with the message “Order yours today!” Whatever route you choose to take, don’t forget this critical component.

5. Distribution is key: When it comes to making a video, there is a fair bit of effort involved. LinkedIn Contributor Garth Drew asserted that business leaders should put the same amount of effort into distribution. Distribution is the arguably the most important part of the video marketing process. If you create an amazing video but no one sees it, then what was the point?

Make sure to get as much use out of every video you create as possible. Distribution strategy should be a key part of your planning process. Since you don’t have to release the content on every channel at once, try making a calendar for release on each of your platforms. From newsletters to social media, there are a handful of ways to make sure your video is used to the best of its abilities.

Video content holds so much weight in the world of marketing. When used correctly this kind of content can offer all the best outcomes of a marketing campaign. Engagement rates can soar, conversions can increase and overall brand image can benefit greatly. Small businesses looking to improve their marketing (or even just start marketing altogether) should turn to videos and implement these tips. We promise, it will be well worth the effort.

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