How to make your next video go viral

We know videos are the king of content in marketing: A study by Reel SEO found that 96 percent of marketing professionals engage in video marketing already, and over 70 percent of them agree that videos have a positive impact on ROI and marketing results.

The study also noted that video content can help businesses with key goals such as increased brand awareness, lead sales generation and customer education. Clearly, videos have some serious marketing power. The potential that video content can create for your business is undeniable, and while other forms of content have their advantages, video comes out on top. Yet there is one type of video that stands out among the rest. It is the most coveted form of marketing – drawing in wide reach, Internet fame and considerable brand awareness.

The power of viral videos

If video is the king of marketing content then viral videos are emperors. As such, they are very hard to create. There is often no real rhyme or reason behind why one video comes viral and another does not. But that doesn’t stop businesses from trying.

Why? Because viral videos have the ability to give companies a major facelift, explained Forbes contributor Ilya Pozin. When a viral video hits the internet, the shares are instant and far-reaching, resulting in more site visits and hire conversions.

So, we have you sold. Viral videos are well worth a shot. But what do all viral videos have in common? And how can you incorporate those elements into your content?

Here are 6 quick tips for makin’ hay on your next video advertisement so it goes viral.How to make money with video marketing

1)  Keep it short:

Sure, there are a few videos on the longer side that manage to make viral status, but by and large, short content is a common denominator in viral videos. According to a study cited by The New York Times, over 19 percent of viewers click off a video after only 10 seconds. Once the video reaches its first minute, 44 percent of people stop watching. Try and keep your videos on the shorter side and put your most appealing content at the beginning. Saving the best for last may work in some instances, but viral videos are certainly not one of them.

2) Humor isn’t always the answer:

When approaching the creation of viral videos a lot of people make the mistake of immediately turning to humor. The assumption is that something funny is more likely to go viral. However, a report called The Science of Sharing conducted by Unruly found the opposite. Reel SEO contributor George Jarboe reported that the study claimed the subjective nature of humor makes it very difficult to perfect a funny video. Different people think different things are amusing, so in order to get a funny video right, the execution has to be perfect. Jarboe suggested stepping away from the funny material and trying on some other emotions for size.

3) Step up the visuals

Obviously, videos are visual pieces by nature. But the more visually stimulating the content, the better. Small Biz Trends asserted that finding great images or video footage is the first step towards creating a viral marketing campaign. Keep your viewers engaged and surprised by the visuals you are providing to considerably up your chances of creating some truly viral content.

4) Stay positive

So, maybe humor isn’t the answer but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to evoke some kind of emotion – positive ones specifically. Pozin reported that most sharable content usually conjures strong emotions in the viewer. In fact, a study conducted by Berger and UPenn Professor Katherine Milkman, emotions relating to happiness or joy outperform sad emotions when it comes to sharability, explained Pozin. Try creating video content centered around a positive message. Hey, even if your video doesn’t go viral, at least it will make your existing customers smile.

5) Think B.I.G.

Small businesses shouldn’t be discouraged by their size when it comes to viral videos. Jarboe noted that many SMBs think you have to be a big company to get noticed. This could not be further from the truth. According to Jarboe, small brands make shareable content all the time. Take Dollar Shave Club for example, the company was virtually unknown before the launch of the video ‘Our Blades Are F***ing Great.’ Don’t be afraid to think big when it comes to your videos. Small businesses have a fair shot at virality too.

6) Plan out a strategic launch

A strategic launch is an important element of any campaign. However, it is even more important when it comes to viral videos. You want to reach the right audience at the right time in order to ensure maximum sharing. The work is not over once the video has been created. Business leaders should sit down and plan out a step-by-step plan for launching their new content. From platforms to time-frames to target audiences, there are a lot of details to figure out for your launch – make sure you nail them down.

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