It’s time to diversify your marketing strategy

While many of the basics of marketing hold up in the digital age, there’s one aspect of the modern campaign that old-school efforts did not always require for success: diversity. In the context of marketing, this can mean anything from variety of content type to experimentation with different channels and even segmentation or delivery timing.

Since today’s marketers have so many more tools to work with and measure the outcomes of their initiatives, the time is now to set aside hesitation and embrace the idea of a diverse marketing strategy.

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Here’s a look at how to diversify your marketing strategy and achieve greater marketing results:

Try new types of content
All marketers know the power of compelling, relevant content in a world that puts the buyer in the driver’s seat when researching products and services. That’s why so many organizations are shifting their efforts toward content development and moving away from standard methods of interruptive advertising and outreach. According to QuickSprout, there are countless options to choose from when branching out into new content formats, including:

[icon name=”angle-double-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] White papers and e​-books

[icon name=”angle-double-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How-to guides

[icon name=”angle-double-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Lists of facts and figures

[icon name=”angle-double-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Infographics 

[icon name=”angle-double-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Videos and podcasts

By leveraging a diverse arsenal of content, a brand will keep things unpredictable and exciting for its consumers, which is very impactful in this age of multimedia stimulation. As long as a company continues to deliver fresh and unique content types, audiences will surely remain engaged.

Switch up delivery methods
Variety can go a long way when it comes to content development, but the same concept of diversity must be applied to the distribution of these materials as well. Otherwise, consumers will quickly find themselves overwhelmed by campaigns that rely too heavily on a single avenue or communication channel. With this in mind, it’s important that a brand diversifies its content delivery to hit targets from all angles and avoid falling into a cycle of predictability.

As a plan of action, marketing leaders should map out a campaign that utilizes the most visible and reliable channels today, such as email, social media and even direct mail. An audience that recognizes a consistent yet versatile message will be impressed, engaged and more likely to commit to a brand for long-term business.

Remember to measure 
Simply launching into a diversified marketing strategy can surely yield results, but these investments won’t pay off in full unless campaigns are properly measured over time. As Marketing Land’s Michael Litt pointed out in a recent blog post, “it’s a matter of collecting information and then targeting the right people at the right time based on how they interact with your content.” In other words, a brand must learn what content development and delivery methods work best.

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Thankfully, tracking campaign results is easier than ever thanks to advanced marketing automation platforms and services that provide transparency into vital metrics and trends. With these systems in place and a willingness to adapt in an agile manner, a brand’s marketing efforts will certainly strengthen and thrive in this diverse digital world.

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