Revamp your marketing with these 5 quick tips

Revamp your marketing with these 5 quick tipsMarketing, by its very nature, needs to be constantly updated and fine-tuned. Some businesses think they can get away with running the same old marketing campaign for a couple of years. Maybe your accounts run through automation or maybe you have let your marketing tactics gather cobwebs in the corner. Whatever the case, every marketing strategy needs some refreshing once in a while.

Marketing is a very effective tool when used correctly. With so many mediums and so much change in customer content, it isn’t always easy to keep up with trends. Don’t worry, we aren’t judging. In fact, we’re here to help.

Here are 5 key tips to revamp your marketing efforts!

1. Strategize

As with anything, your first step should be to strategize. Just because you’ve decided to revamp your marketing doesn’t mean you should hit the ground running. Marketing campaigns take a certain level of planning. Call a meeting with your marketing managers and map out a strategy. Try and figure out what is outdated in your current marketing strategy and perhaps what materials can be salvaged. Are there any marketing campaigns that you admire? See if your team can incorporate some of these elements. Talk the details out before you make your first move.

2. Analyze: 

Okay so now you have a plan, but it’s still not quite time to launch your new campaign just yet. Marketing leaders should sit down and take a look at the numbers, according to Entrepreneur contributor Matei Gavril. In order to improve your future efforts you must look to your past. Gavril notes that tweaking a pre-existing strategy is much easier than creating one from scratch. Use your past marketing analytics to your advantage. Weed out the bad and ramp up the good. This can also help narrow down what content is worth your effort and which is not. Some people prefer videos while others seek out blog posts, don’t waste your effort on the wrong content this time around.

3. Find your platform:

The medium is almost as important as the message. A key part of your revamping process should be to target your most effective outlets. Does your audience respond well to emails? Or is direct mail more up their alley? Is video content released on Facebook more effective than those sent out on Twitter? Once again, this involves some analyzing but the legwork will ultimately help your business reap the full benefits of your new marketing campaign.

4. Make it simple:

If you’ve followed these steps you now have a sturdy foundation for your new campaign. The platform is set, the content has been picked and your overarching plan is nailed down. While there is no blanket prescription for content, we can tell you this: simple is always better. Keep your message short and sweet. You want your customers to understand the message without too much effort on their end. Any good marketing strategist will tell you the same thing: Simple sells. Use this to your advantage,

5. Maintain!:

The exclamation point is for extra emphasis. This is by far the most important step in the rejuvenation of your marketing strategies. You’ve done all this hard work, now stay on top of things! Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Marketing is an invaluable tool and when you execute a sound strategy the benefits can be plentiful. Keep a close eye on your analytics to see which campaigns are responding well. Try to hold monthly meetings to review your marketing strategy. Business News Daily suggested using mobile apps to help keep track of marketing efforts or delivery dates. Whatever your strategy, stay on track to avoid a major marketing overhaul in the future!

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