Marketing tips for new business owners

marketing tips for new business ownersStarting a business is no easy task. Entrepreneurs are undeniably bold individuals with a variety of skills. However, sometimes this skill set doesn’t include marketing.

Marketing is a quick-paced game and one that is absolutely necessary to promote visibility and acquire new customers – two things vital for any startup company. While approaching the world of content and advertisements might be a daunting task for even the boldest of new business owners it is crucial to nail down an effective marketing strategy.

We have scouted out some of the best marketing advice for new business owners so you don’t have to.

Let’s take a look at the creme de la creme of marketing tips for entrepreneurs:

  1. Take the time to strategize:
    The key to any good marketing plan is preparation. You need to know your goals, your audience and your strengths. When approaching marketing it is crucial to invest a considerable amount of time into strategizing – without a solid plan your marketing efforts will surely fall flat. So, define your audience and do your research on the content types they prefer. Nail down your marketing goals. What do you want to accomplish here? More sales, more engagement, more contact information?

    Most important of all, you must narrow in on your value proposition. According to Huffington Post contributor Neil Patel, this is the most valuable marketing tool in the game – a one-liner that encompasses what makes your company so great. Formulate this and you will have an invaluable piece of marketing collateral.

  2. Build your audience:
    In order to market you need someone to market to. Entrepreneurs should put some considerable effort into building up their contact list. Whether this means Facebook likes or email addresses, crafting a marketing plan relies heavily on creating a broad audience. Take the target audience your formulated during your strategy session and attempt to gain their attention through the relevant channels. Pro tip: don’t limit yourself to social media. Though these social channels are useful and free to use, email marketing still takes the cake for highest marketing ROI, reported Patel. Keep your mind open to all the marketing possibilities.
  3. Engage, engage, and engage:
    Marketing is useless without an audience, and an audience is useless without engagement. The best businesses are constantly in communication with their customers on a variety of channels. Consumers today value building relationships with brands and engagement is a key component in this interaction. Forbes contributor Steve Olenski asserted that businesses who do not engage with customers in real time are not marketing at all. Make sure to stay on top of things like customer comments and reviews. Putting the effort into talking with your customers or simply acknowledging their social presence will do wonders for your marketing efforts and overall customer retention.
  4. Use your competition:
    For new businesses, competitors can be the best resource for marketing inspiration. Entrepreneurs should do some quality research on what their top competitors are doing in terms of marketing, suggested Patel. Take the time to read over their content and take note of which posts prompted the most customer engagement. Conversely, take notice of things that seemed to fall flat. Using your competitors as a sort of case study is a great way to get a feel for what works, what doesn’t and how to excel in your marketing efforts.
  5. Aim for quality not quantity:
    Gone are the days of blasting the internet with as much content as possible, and in are the days of thoughtful, creative and selective marketing distribution. While you should make sure your marketing tactics are consistent, you also want to ensure everything you push through is of high quality. Instead of overwhelming your audience with 5 mediocre posts a day, craft one exceptional post and share it across your various platforms. Remember, the quality of your marketing content reflects on your business. As such, you should maintain a standard of excellence.

The benefits of a well-crafted marketing campaign are endless – especially for new business owners seeking to increase visibility. No two companies’ marketing plans are the same but by employing the tips mentioned above and remaining consistent in your efforts your new business will undoubtedly set up a path toward success. Need help getting started?

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