LinkedIn improves Pulse and other social media news

Social media changes every day. Here are some important updates you need to know about…

LinkedIn improves Pulse app to make it easier for users to consume and share news.

LinkedIn created a new design, with more prominent images and titles, to help users find more interesting content.  “If you’re visiting LinkedIn through your laptop, you’ll finish reading a piece and scroll right to the next article in a series that’s curated just for you. On our mobile app, you’ll find more posts at the bottom from the author who originally captured your attention.”

Facebook officially announced Atlas, a new advertising platform that’s supposed to be a game-changer in the industry because it will allow marketers to track ads outside of Facebook, in third party apps and across multiple devices. Atlas is a direct challenger to Google AdWords—who has never had competition before! Atlas is calling itself a people-based marketing tool.

Pinterest launched a new app for iOS 8. You can now add a Pin button to your mobile browser and pin directly from there. To add the button, download the Pinterest app from the iTunes store and open your browser. Click the Share button, then More, and finally tap the Pinterest logo to enable.

pinterest pin button, LinkedIn improves Pulse
Twitter has (allegedly) started working on a new app development platform called Twitter Fabric. Twitter hopes that Fabric will drive more developers to its services. Three years ago, Twitter cut off access to its API, and this seems to be the first time they’re encouraging developers to use it again. The social network expects the new platform to expand its advertising reach and collect more mobile data from Twitter users as well.

Twitter announced it is investing $10 Million in MIT’s new social media research lab. The Laboratory for Social Machines anticipates using Twitter data to investigate the rapidly changing and intersecting worlds of news, government and collective action. The hope is that their research team will be able to understand how movements are started by better understanding how information spreads on Twitter.” All of the research will be available to the public.

Path launched Path Places, where users can text businesses to set appointments, make reservations or check prices and hours. Path is an ads-free social network and messaging app.

Groupon released Snap, an app that will give you cash back when you buy Groupon’s featured item of the week at any supermarket or retailer in the US. All you need to do is download the app and scan the purchase receipt. You can cash out $20 at a time. Snap also offers a shopping list feature to add the items of the week, which will include grocery staples like milk and bread.

LinkedIn introduced new tools for students. “These tools combine data-driven insights based on the career paths of LinkedIn members and social features, so students can get guidance from trusted advisers and professionals who have walked in their shoes.” Some of the new tools include University Finder and Field of Study Explorer.

Facebook changed its research policies to now include clear guidelines. Facebook was first criticized for its research methods back in 2011, when they modified News Feed to study users’ reactions to specific posts. In addition to the guidelines, Facebook created a panel that will review all projects and ensure guidelines are followed.

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