Setting up Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to promote your business, especially the events and specials you offer. If you haven’t created a Twitter account yet, it’s easy to do.

Setting up Twitter in 4 simple steps:

Setting up Twitter

  1. Begin the process here, by signing up with your business email address.
  2. Create a Twitter handle (up to 15 characters) that your customers will easily recognize as your business. This is also how they’ll address you in tweets.
  3. Follow some other relevant accounts (nearby organizations, sports teams, etc.).
  4. Upload a profile image (your logo, preferably) and a header image. Recommended dimensions for profile photos are 400 by 400 pixels. Recommended dimensions for header photos are 1500 by 500 pixels.

Once your account is set-up, you can start tweeting about your business or retweeting things that are relevant to your business or customers.

(This post was referenced in our Mega Minute pilot.)

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