6 small tweaks to help your digital marketing strategy

6 small tweaks to help your digital marketing strategyChange can be scary. Yet it is often necessary for growth. Luckily, changes don’t always have to be big to be effective. In fact, when it comes to marketing, implementing some small tweaks here and there can result in some pretty favorable outcomes.

Marketers don’t always have the budget or the time to tackle huge rebranding projects. This is especially true for small businesses.

However there are some small things your business can do to create big results for your ROI, conversion rates and the overall success of your marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look.

1) Create evergreen content: Evergreen content is a super easy way to improve your overall marketing strategy. This approach to marketing is particularly helpful to businesses that are stretched for time and money. Evergreen content is material that is constantly relevant. Businesses can continually reuse these pieces for their marketing campaigns. Small Biz Trends noted that it saves marketers from creating new campaigns every single quarter. Of course, a healthy mix of both evergreen and current material is useful. But capitalizing on some evergreen pieces is an easy way to improve the efficiency of your marketing campaign.

2) Set up a sales funnel: Most marketing materials come with some kind of call to action. This is where your business asks your customers to make a purchase. According to ConversionXL, many businesses lose conversions by asking for the sale too quickly. This is why sales funnels are useful. Businesses should create a multi-layered process in order to entice customers to purchase. The source suggested spending more time on creating interest in your brand or offering valuable tips to potential buyers before swooping in for the sale. While this creates a lengthier process leading up to the sale, in the long run your conversion rates will improve.

3) Use simple language: Clarity is key when crafting a marketing message. In order to appeal to a wide audience, you want to keep the language simple. Don’t create material that involves some base-level of industry knowledge. Remember, you are writing for everyday people. Cutting down your marketing messages to simple phrases and digestible CTAs is a quick fix that can help improve customer engagement rates.

4) Refine your SEM spend: When you began your marketing journey it is likely you spent time carefully mapping out your search engine marketing tactics. From budget allocations to keyword selection, the process was set in stone a while ago. However, these strategies can become outdated quickly. What was a key word for your industry yesterday may not have as much pull today, explained Small Biz Trends. Dust off those SEM files and start eliminating keywords that are no longer doing the trick. This simple process of leaning your strategy can help improve your business’ visibility in searches.

5) Clarify your value proposition: When it comes to improving conversion rates, your value proposition is the most important factor, noted ConversionXL. Ditch the lengthy process of a complete website redesign and laser in on strengthening your value proposition. Things like font colors, sizes and images have a lot less to do with improving marketing efforts than one would think. The source suggested asking yourself a few critical questions. For starters, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask “what do I get out of this?” followed quickly by “why buy from you and not them?” These two questions will guide the core of your statement. Now it is only a matter of narrowing it down by asking: If you were limited to 10 words to explain why your customer should buy from your over your competitor, what would they be? This tweak requires a little bit of brain power but will ultimately result in a lot of impressive outcomes.

6) Activate alerts: This is arguably the simplest change a business can make to improve its marketing strategy. Social media is a fast-moving environment and it can be hard to keep track of when your business page has a new comment or review. All social media sites have alert options that users can activate. This will enable the site to notify you when your page has a new comment, when your brand has been mentioned or when you receive a new message. Staying on top of your customer interactions is crucial in marketing and these alerts are a quick and easy way to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

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