Making the most of Facebook’s advertising prowess

Facebook Advertising 2017

Facebook has emerged as the most powerful platform in the social media marketing arena, and shows no signs of losing steam any time soon. Despite combating negative press regarding fake news and other problematic issues, Facebook is still the biggest social network giant in the world, and has completely blown away the competition when it comes to advertising capabilities, services and performance.

Twitter and Pinterest have been working to iron out their own marketing capabilities, but to no avail. Facebook, on the other hand, has taken social media marketing to an entirely new level, and this means that business leaders must pay attention to the trends taking place therein.

Let’s talk about how to capitalize on Facebook’s marketing services.

The fundamentals

Finance Feeds recently listed some of the core steps companies must take should they hope to excel in the Facebook marketing game, affirming that consistency is key and advertisers that stick to a set schedule will generally be more successful in their endeavors. According to the website, businesses need to be especially vigilant when researching their target markets, as personalization is key in this space, and Facebook provides all of the tools necessary to tailor ads so long as the user knows who they are trying to reach.

What’s more, Finance Feeds noted that content should never become repetitious or bland, with marketers instead striving to only publish fresh, unique posts and being very cautious with how much they re-use the same information and imagery. Once these fundamentals have been properly handled, then marketers will need to start thinking about how they can bring their Facebook ad performance to the next level.

Bring it local

One of the prevailing trends in Facebook marketing is the use of the platform as a localized advertising tool. Adweek reported that more companies – especially smaller businesses on Main Street – can get a lot out of localized Facebook marketing campaigns, and that more should consider taking the leap into this process. As the source pointed out, Facebook continues to expand its services and enhance its capabilities, such as the new addition of a feature that allows restaurants to take orders directly from their Facebook pages.

These new functions and tools can certainly help all types and sizes of organizations reach prospects in their local areas, but none more so than small and medium-sized, independently-owned businesses.

One eye on the future

Another trick to beating out the competition in Facebook advertising is staying a step ahead of major trends. Business 2 Community contributor Duncan Sills recently listed a few predictions for 2017, asserting that Facebook’s Live and Marketplace services are likely to be major battlegrounds among retailers and other companies in the new year. He also suggested that businesses begin to leverage the recommendation features to convert prospects who are friends with current clientele.


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