Four hacks for a successful online marketing campaign

small business marketing hacksGoing digital with your marketing is no longer a suggestion, it’s a necessity. And this statement is in no way up for discussion. Every business has taken the plunge in one way or another. Whether it is finally ramping up an official Facebook page or getting around to uploading all your best pictures onto Instagram, digital marketing is the language of modern-day promotions.

But just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean everyone is doing it right. Developing a successful digital marketing campaign has become more of an art in recent years. As with any craft, the key to learning how to excel at online marketing campaigns lies largely in educating yourself. So, what does it take to execute an exceptional strategy in this increasingly digital world? Let’s find out.

Learn to adapt: Everything digital changes at a rapid pace. It is simply the nature of anything born from technology. What was today won’t necessarily be the same tomorrow. That is why businesses with successful marketing campaigns have mastered the art of adaptation, explained The Huffington Post.

Take Facebook as an example. Previously, businesses could build an organic audience by simply creating a page. Now, Facebook functions on a pay-to-play basis. To put it simply. organizations need to pay to be featured on consumers’ news feeds. The best businesses quickly updated their marketing strategies to accommodate these changes.

The source noted that digital mediums only change in these ways to better cater to user desires. Think of this as a favor. Facebook has researched HOW customers want to be reached – now it is your job to simply reach them within that framework.

Measure your content: Data is quite literally your best friend when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Setting up measuring systems for all of your content will allow you to see what posts performed best, what content is working and more importantly, what isn’t.

In order to create a truly successful campaign, you need to leverage all this data to your advantage. Otherwise, the content you create will be nothing more than guesswork. Take some time to analyze your current content, to invest in measurements for future pieces and to strategize your tactics accordingly. We promise, you’ll be thanking us later.

Get creative: The digital sphere is a saturated marketing environment. That is exactly why creativity is SO important. If you produce the same old cut-and-dry content your materials will get lost in the noise. Leaders must be willing to take risks with their marketing.

This doesn’t mean throwing all your tried-and-true practices to the wind but rather giving these methods a creative twist. Never tried video? Give it a shot next month. Haven’t found your voice? Test the waters a little. A failed effort will only give you more insight into what doesn’t work and get you much closer to what does.

Make it mobile: Ignoring mobile platforms is a death wish in modern marketing. Everything and anything you create should have a mobile equivalent, explained Forbes. Mobile devices are the birthplace of conversions, meaning that when you overlook mobile outlets you are losing business fast.

Consumers use their smartphones and other mobile devices to do research before actually committing to a purchase. Whether it be looking up shirt colors or delving into pizza options, the path to purchase begins with mobile-friendly materials. In order to be digitally successful you must be fluent in mobile markets.

Digital content is a crucial component of any successful marketing strategy. In order to ensure the best results, you need to make sure you are taking the above tips into consideration.


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