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This case study reveals how a shop owner was able to successfully build his shop’s social media presence, published originally by Elite.

It seems like with each passing day Elite is approached by more and more shop owners who want to build their shop’s social media presence, but don’t have the expertise needed to do it effectively, or the time needed to develop that expertise. So we reached out to our coaches to ask how they were approaching social media, and when we learned that one of our coaches had seen some impressive results, we decided to put together a case study with hopes of helping other shop owners who are facing this social media dilemma.

The ChallengeAuto shop facebook post example

Joe Marconi, owner of Osceola Garage, understood the importance of his shop being on Facebook, but wasn’t sure how to go about choosing the content he would post, how to generate likes, or how to spark engagement. There was nobody on his team who had the expertise needed to build his brand through Facebook, no one had the time to learn through trial and error, and Joe wanted his employees to stay focused on the skills he hired them to use. Joe also felt that he needed to continue investing his time in his primary responsibilities as a shop owner, rather than focusing on social media.Auto shop facebook post example

The Solution

Joe decided to try outsourcing his shop’s social media, and reached out to Moving Targets, a company that had provided him with other marketing services in the past. From day one Joe was very pleased with the collaborative nature of the process. Joe sent updates on his shop’s events and some ideas for posts to his dedicated social media expert, Ian Repko, then Ian took those ideas and would create a nice write-up to maximize engagement.Auto shop facebook post example

Ian also worked on new post ideas, and regularly sent Joe vehicle and shop-related photos, ideas for promotions, suggestions for contests he could run on the shop’s page, and content recommendations that he felt Joe’s customers would enjoy. Ian initially ran every post by Joe for approval, but Joe soon grew to appreciate Ian’s expertise to the point where he granted Ian full authority to post whatever content he felt would be most beneficial to the shop’s page (with the exception of contests and promotions, which Ian continues to run by Joe for approval).

The ResultsAuto shop facebook post example

Joe is very pleased with the results he has seen since he began outsourcing his social media. For less than $600 per month, Joe saw his Facebook page new likes increase by 776%, user engagement increase by 538%, and his page’s total reach increase 1,470% in the first 3 months of this year versus the first 3 months of last year (before Joe started outsourcing). Joe feels that he’s been able to build more brand awareness in his community, and has received great feedback about the shop’s Facebook page.

He’s been happy with both Ian’s expertise and the nature of their working relationship, as Joe says Ian is not only a very talented expert “who just gets it”, but is committed to his shop’s success, and isn’t afraid to turn down one of Joe’s suggestions if he feels it’s not in the best interest of the shop’s page.

Perhaps most importantly, Joe is thrilled that he’s been able to build a great presence on Facebook without investing too much of his time, and without having to stay current researching the constant changes in the digital world.

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